Evaluation of High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy Conditions

Overview High risk pregnancy describes pregnancy with significant risks to the health of both mother and child. These risks can be caused by certain conditions as well as factors such as age, being pregnant with more than a single baby… Continue Reading


Information for Men About Pregnancy and Pregnancy Risk

A woman's body undergoes significant physical and emotional preparation for the birth of a child

Overview Some men gain sympathy weight. Others actually believe they’re experiencing sympathy food cravings. The truth is that no man truly understands what it feels like to be pregnant. In order to behave in an understanding and supportive manner for… Continue Reading


Worries of her mind…

Female doctor discussing reports with patient at desk in medical office

FEMALE INFERTILITY IS A TERM THAT REFERS TO INFERTILITY IN FEMALE HUMANS   CAUSES There are many factors related to Infertility but factors relating only to female infertility are: 1.1 General factors Significant liver or kidney disease inherited from parents.… Continue Reading


Laparoscopy The gold standard in infertility investigation

Can fibroids affect fertility

Laparoscopy – The gold standard in infertility investigation Now a days, no one has time. Even to make babies ? Infertility is going up!! Unless, there is a proper scientific approach to this problem, the treatment for infertility gets prolonged… Continue Reading


Fibroid Surgery India – Energy Pulse

Uterine Fibroids: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Fibroid Surgery India – Energy Pulse   Using focused ultrasound energy to remove fibroid or wonder diabetes drug Sitagliptin, innovation is the buzzword   LAST WEEK, my mail inbox threw up two interesting medical developments. Not that there aren’t many… Continue Reading


The Truth About Fibroids

How do you treat patients when fibroids interfere with pregnancy

The Truth About Fibroids  Found in 25 to 40 per cent of women, should fibroids be cause for worry? Fibroids are non-cancerous growth arising from the wall of the womb. They are found in 25-40 per cent of women in… Continue Reading