Erectile dysfunction Causes and Sadness

Sexual performance is a touchy issue — excuse the bad pun — and it could be even touchier when hooked up with how much men drink. Guys who want to avoid taking erectile dysfunction drugs, such as Cialis or the… Continue Reading


Why does a man lose his erection in the middle of sexual intercourse?

what causes a man to lose his hard on

As a clinical sexologist individuals seek my help with various sexual issues, one being loss of erection. A man losing his ability to keep an erection during intercourse is one issue that most men will experience at some point in… Continue Reading


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Complications, Treatment in India

Male erectile dysfunction (MED) is a medical term for the consistent inability to generate or maintain an erection long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. The problem has long been known as impotence. Chronic erectile dysfunction has a long-term negative effect on… Continue Reading


UNWILLING OR UNABLE – what causes sexual dysfunctions in men?

what causes sexual dysfunctions in men?

According to an international study, the incidence of erectile dysfunction (ED) is estimated at 150 million men worldwide. So, what causes sexual dysfunctions in men? Why do men get ‘too tired’ for sex? Initial brainstorming with several women yielded these… Continue Reading