Touch; the essential non-verbal communication

We do need communication to express ourselves in every relationship we are in whether it be romantic or otherwise but perhaps just as important as talking there is the essential non-verbal communication of touch. Touch can be anything from a handshake to a warm hug or a flirty touch to an unsolicited massage. All forms of touch are important not only in what it communicates to the receiver but it can say so much about the one dispensing the touch in not only their character but their intentions.

Touch; the essential non-verbal communication

  • The Hug. Perhaps one of the most heartfelt forms of touch and communication, the hug can be used to convey a multitude of emotions and messages to the receiver while giving instant response in kind to the initiator. It can tell someone you see in emotional pain that you care and want to alleviate their pain if even for a moment. It can be given as a warm welcome or hello to a friend, loved one or partner when you come into their presence after some time has passed. It can say I will miss you after you leave my arms and depart my company or say I missed you while you were gone. It portrays a clear picture of love, like, happiness, sadness and caring without a single word being said between the people engaging in the embrace.
  • The Kiss. The kiss while often associated with the throes of passion is not relegated to only that of affection between lovers. It is another expression of how we feel about the person receiving our kiss and can display similar attributes to the hug. It can be used to express love for family and friends with a quick and gentle peck on the cheek or lips. It also is another action that says hello and goodbye in a more warm way than a wave and often is accompanied by a hug. It can say that you care not only by the action itself but where it is placed on the receiver such as the forehead, the eyelids, the cheek or the hand. While a hug can be more generally used among everyone from the dearest of loved ones to mild acquaintances, the kiss is reserved for those you are closest to in your relationships.
  • The Fingertip Touch. This form of touch can vary wildly depending on the relationship of the giver and receiver but also because of the context and setting in which the touch of the fingertips is initiated. If touch is given with the hand or fingertips to anyone you are speaking with whether it be a co-worker, a friend or a loved one, it let’s the speaker know you are open and listening to what they are communicating. The touch of the fingertips during a kiss can be placed on the shoulders, the face, the neck or the chest thus deepening the emotions behind the kiss and heightening the passion. The touch of the fingertips gently while in an embrace magnifies the intensity of the moment whether it be romantic in nature or with a friend or family member. This form of touch is quite simply the one that enhances all other types of touch we use in communication.
  • Hand Holding. This is yet another embodiment of touch that can cover many types of communication depending on the relationship between the hand holders and the intentions. The holding of hands between lovers is a way to connect your bodies outside the bedroom while portraying feelings of like or love without a word. It is a form of safety or security such as when holding a child’s hand to cross the street or in support of someone when they are scared or distressed. It can show unity when a group joins hands bringing them together to show support, agreement or comfort. Hand holding makes clear statements in the moments it is used and leaves nothing to the imagination for those engaging in it.

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Touch not only is a great non-verbal way we as humans can connect to one another and communicate our feelings, it is essential to love and health both mental and physical. Consider all the greatest and worst moments in your life and recall whether those in your presence reached out and touched you, now imagine those moments without it and you will see how important touch is to life. Some will say they are not the touchy, feely type but consider their overall well-being in comparison. If you are not a hugger or steer away from touch, try adding a little into your life and see if you don’t feel a difference.

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