​Your Body Smell Could Be Attracting Mosquitoes To Bite You Finds Study

Mosquitoes Bites: In a place, where 3-4 people are standing together and there are mosquitoes too, then how does it decide which person the mosquito will bite the most? If you bite more than one person, then what is that thing, due to which mosquitoes suffocate that person’s nose. Scientists have given the answer to this through a research. This is the question for which people have been shedding their blood, sweat and money for years. Research has been told that, ‘Hungry mosquitoes see your body like a big protein shake and they smell like ‘torn legs’ from your body and are attracted to it.

Some people are more attracted to mosquitoes
Attractive matter is exactly the way we are attracted towards someone or someone towards us. As we mentioned, mosquitoes are attracted to the smell that comes from your body, so the person whose body smells more like protein shake (torn legs), mosquitoes will bite him more.

Apply deo or perfume mosquitoes will not agree
Mosquitoes and body odor have a special relationship. Research that lasted for three years revealed that whether you apply deo or perfume or even change the shampoo, your body odor that attracts mosquitoes does not change for them. It does not even matter whether you are sweating or what you have eaten that day. If once mosquitoes become dominant with the smell coming from your body, then whatever you do, you will always be bothered by mosquitoes. You will then become a favorite food for them.

Mosquitoes attract more after drinking beer
Scientists carried out this research in different ways, but research is still going on that what are the reasons for the odor that comes from the body of any person or the acid that is formed. However, experts have found that mosquitoes are more attractive when women are pregnant or when people drink beer.

There is nothing more difficult than this
Researchers at Rockefeller University in New York found that people with a higher body odor of carboxylic acids were 100 times more attracted to the female Aedes aegypti (a particular species of mosquito) than other people. This female mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is responsible for spreading diseases like dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and zika.

Mosquitoes big reason behind diseases
Every year around 700 million people in the world fall prey to mosquito-borne diseases. Scientists also believe that as the temperature rises, the number of these mosquitoes will increase.

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