Atherosclerosis and Erectile Dysfunction: Are You at Risk?

If you’re like many men, the chances are good that, at some point or another, you have experienced the awkward and uncomfortable symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In the vast majority of situations, this condition is absolutely no cause for concern, and can simply be sourced to any one of several external factors, including stress in the workplace, a lack of sleep or pre-existing tension in a relationship. That being said, some men may experience ED due to situations that may be more serious or threatening.

Atherosclerosis is one of several conditions that can produce ED symptoms in men of all ages. Unlike the aforementioned external factors that may induce ED, the onset of atherosclerosis can be much more serious, and should be addressed by a medical professional immediately.

We’ve designed this guide to serve as a brief introduction to atherosclerosis and ED. A variety of informative and pertinent information has been provided that will, hopefully, allowing men who are experiencing Erectile Dysfunction symptoms to better understand what may be causing this condition. For those individuals who do suspect that their ED may be the result of something more serious, such as atherosclerosis, a discussion with a medical professional is highly recommended, as these individuals can provide additional insight into what treatment options may be available. Good luck!

Understanding the link between atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction

Atherosclerosis is commonly defined as the hardening of the arteries responsible for pushing blood to various regions throughout the body. As healthy arteries are an essential part of daily health, individual who do develop atherosclerosis may be at a risk for a variety of potentially harmful conditions, one of which is erectile dysfunction.

Men who suffer from atherosclerosis may notice that it is increasingly difficult to develop and sustain an erection. The arousal process may take substantially longer than it has previously, and the strength and quality of an erection will most likely be noticeably reduced. Additionally, men may find that their erections subside quickly, leaving them a very little window of opportunity in which they can engage in sexual intercourse.

A Vulnerable Rush

As the blood responsible for an erection comes directly from the abdomen during arousal, the countless veins and arteries found in this region of the body must be functioning normally in order for healthy erections to occur. Atherosclerosis can significantly impact the size and duration of erections by hardening the arteries in this region of the body and greatly diminishing overall blood flow.

Dam Blockages

The blood vessels in the penis and other regions of the body rely upon the endothelium to control the flow of blood to penile region. Long before atherosclerosis takes hold, men may find that their erections are impaired due to a problem with the endothelium lining in primary arteries leading to these areas. Common factors that can result in endothelium damage include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and diabetes. Men who engage in behaviors that would result in any of these aforementioned situations are advised to make significant lifestyle changes in order to ensure that their endothelium remains intact.

The Early Warning Signs

The best way to judge whether or not an individual is at risk for either atherosclerosis or endothelium damage is to observe their lifestyle habits and men who have high cholesterol, smoke regularly, have diabetes or are obese have a significantly higher risk of developing these conditions than those who do not.

Temporary Treatments

Although the development of atherosclerosis cannot be reversed, a variety of pharmaceutical products can be used to dramatically slow the progress of this condition. That being said, the most valuable tool at any man’s disposal for countering the unwanted effects of atherosclerosis is simple lifestyle adjustments. It is absolutely imperative that men engaging in high-risk behavior change their lifestyle immediately in order to ensure that they do not place themselves further in harm’s way.

As stated previously, men who believe they may be suffering from atherosclerosis are advised to discuss these problems with their doctors immediately in order to ensure the real cause of low sexual stamina so that they have the information they need to effectively combat this illness. Good luck!

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