Dr. Carlis Lecullen PhD ACS Intimacy Counselor, Certified Clinical Sexologist, Public Speaker, Writer, Mediator and Sex Educator For Teens and Adults. Dr. Carlis Lecullen began her career public speaking, coaching college students in speech and debate. Communications has always been a powerful tool in resolving conflict. She then received her M.A. in Marriage Family Counseling and PhD in Human Sexuality. Dr. Michael has a private practice helping others to be sex positive and love who they are!

7 Most Effective Tips To Put Brakes On Your Premature Ejaculation

As many couples seek to improve in their love life, they may also experience problems related to urination prematurely. Men may have biological or psychological problems that they need to correct before the couple can fully enjoy sex. However, there are many strategies available that will reduce the risk of Premature Ejaculation. This will represent…

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Understanding Premature Ejaculation: A Guide to Dealing with PE in Relationships

Understanding Premature Ejaculation: When you experience the sight of a preemie for the first time you feel a mixture of emotions shock, disbelief, disappointment, and somehow a sense of relief. You are relieved the events that have just transpired didn’t happen at a different stage. Some confusion and anger will set in, and you may…

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What Is Dyspareunia?

Although the condition sounds quite complicated, and possibly even fatal, the definition of dyspareunia is rather simple. Dyspareunia is painful intercourse. A more exact definition is persistent or recurring genital pain that may occur immediately before, during or just after intercourse. Most women-one in five-will experience pain during intercourse at some point during their life,…

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The Living Chakra System

The word Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of the seven basic energy centers in the body that corresponds to nerve ganglia branching from the spinal column, as well as states of consciousness, developmental stages of life, archetypal elements, body functions, colors, sounds, and much, much more. Together they form a…

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