The many warning signs of male depression

MANY men may suffer undiagnosed depression due to the varied symptoms. Men are often less willing to seek treatment for depression than women. Understanding how male and female depression symptoms may differ is crucial.

It can assist in raising awareness of depression among individuals and their loved ones. Recognising depression is the initial step in the healing process.

Depression is an often-undetected mental condition that is prevalent among men. COVID-19 and the effects of lockdown may have worsened rates of male depression.

Financial losses have added to the problem. Statisticians are still assessing the effects on the job market. Some estimates say it could be as high as 1.5 million jobs lost.

Some depressive symptoms are more prevalent in men than women because of genetic, hormonal, physiological, or social causes.

Men with depression may exhibit the following alterations in behaviour:

Drinking more or taking drugs; Avoiding family or social encounters; Working beyond normal hours; Struggling to balance work and family duties; Partnerships becoming more domineering or abusive; engaging in risky conduct, such as gambling or dangerous sexual conduct; attempting suicide; a loss of interest in hobbies and passions; a loss in libido (men with depression may have a diminished desire for sexual activity); low mood; frustration, anger, aggression, or irritability.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says women are likelier to suffer depression. Even so, more men than women avoid reporting depression.

So, the numbers for men may be more significant. According to some estimates, two-thirds of depressed individuals still need a diagnosis.

A doctor may also misdiagnose depression in men. Men may be more prone to report physical problems. Men might also experience sleeping difficulties. As a result, the physician may provide an incorrect diagnosis.


Natural Foods To Delay Ejaculation In Male

Natural Foods Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation In Male

Men wants to find a way to prevent premature ejaculation from spoiling their sex lives. If men are able to cope with these effects, they can improve on their sexual health in some important ways. There are some foods that men can try to delay the onset of ejaculation. This will give men more control over their sexual health and change the way that they cope with their lives. Nutritional experts are already weighing in on the different solutions that men have to follow in their lives.

  1. Asparagus

This is a healthy vegetable that routinely sees usage when it comes to a variety of meals. It is versatile as a side dish and can be prepared in a number of ways. But nutritionists are increasingly talking about how asparagus can be used to mitigate the effects of premature ejaculation. The vegetable does have high doses of iodine and Vitamin E content. These vitamins can be easily integrated in to one’s diet, which will have some profound health effects for people everywhere.

  1. Blueberry

Blueberries have some well-known anti-oxidant properties. This has added to their overall reputation and has even caused nutritionists to label them as a super food. A new awareness campaign is likening the blueberry to Viagra, since the fruit may very well be the other ‘little blue pill’. More importantly, the blueberry has few known side effects and can easily find a place in a well-rounded diet. Dieters can mix in the blueberry in to a blender to create a great tasting smoothie. Supposedly, certain compounds within the blueberry will enable people to get greater control over the vascular system within their penis.

  1. Clove

Though not specifically a food, clove has been used to spice up a few different types of dishes. It can also be used to brew a particularly delicious tea. Clove tea has been used for generations and has built on its reputation in some important ways. But now there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests cloves can help with premature ejaculation. This will give another useful tool for men who want to improve on their sexual health.

  1. Winter Cherry

Also known as Indian Ginseng, the Winter Cherry has largely gone unnoticed by general consumers. But there is new evidence to suggest that Winter Cherry can be used to reduce stress and help people cope with different effects. For men who want to build on their sexual performance, they can count on Winter Cherry to reduce their stress. Reducing anxieties in one’s life is an integral component of Preventing Premature Ejaculation.

  1. Velvet Bean

The Velvet Bean is commonly known as Cowhage, which has seen a significant amount of usage within alternative medicine. Its utility was first discovered by Indian Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. Over the years, the Western World has quickly discovered that the medicine does have its own unique set of attributes. It works by temporarily raising dopamine levels within the brain. This may even function as an aphrodisiac, which has caused its popularity to spike recently as well.

  1. Cinnamon Bark

Some may not realize that cinnamon bark is commonly used in a wide range of different alternative medicine treatments. This bark can be used to spice up drinks or to add a flavorful twist to many different dishes. The sheet versatility of the bark has helped it gain recognition among different alternative medicine proponents. Individuals are increasingly reporting that cinnamon bark has been used to treat the effects of premature ejaculation. Since cinnamon bark is readily available, users can feel free to try out this option for themselves. People will want to look for authentic cinnamon bark, since this will increase the chances that it will control premature ejaculation.

  1. Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is widely discussed as a supplemental remedy to a wide range of different issues. Panax Ginseng could be another possible cure for the different effects of premature ejaculation. New reports by individuals are showing some success when it comes to getting more out of sexual intercourse. But more importantly, it will offer people yet another tool when it comes to the range of solutions that they have to consider. This supplement can be taken in a few different ways. It can even be ground up and purchased as pills, if users would prefer this method of delivery.


Dealing with the effects of Premature Ejaculation is a prominent point of concern for many men.


How To Prolong Sexual Intercourse

Prolong Sexual Intercourse

One of the greatest blows to a man’s ego is premature ejaculation. Occasionally ejaculating before either you or your partner is ready should be of no great concern. It should only be viewed as a problem if it happens on a regular basis. It is believed that as many as one in three men will suffer from this condition at some point in their life. The cause may be physical or mental, but in most cases, it is easily treated. If you are worried about your sexual escapades not lasting long enough, try these tips for prolonging intercourse.

  • Stop/Start Method. This method involves masturbating to the cusp of orgasm then stopping. Once the urge to ejaculate has passed, masturbating resumes until the urge strikes again. Keep up this pattern for as along as possible. The ultimate goal of this method is to slowly increase the level of stimulation needed for orgasm, thus ensuring a longer encounter. This method can also be practiced during intercourse, but may prove frustrating for the woman as intercourse stops and starts repeatedly.
  • The Squeeze Technique. Begin sexual activity as normal and when you are near orgasm, have your partner gently squeeze the penis where the head and shaft meet for several seconds, until the urge to ejaculate disappears. After about 30 seconds, resume activity. Repeat the process as necessary until you are ready to orgasm. Again, the goal for this method for prolonging intercourse is to raise the level of stimulation to reach climax.
  • Apply A Delay Gel. Gels made to prolong intercourse contain benzocaine, a numbing agent, which lowers the sensation felt during sexual intercourse.
  • Restrict Blood Flow. Once erect, place a cockring around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow. This works in a fashion similar to the squeeze technique.
  • Wear A Condom. Sometimes, the simple act of putting on a condom is enough to prolong intercourse. The thin barrier can diminish the amount of sensation felt slightly and allow for a longer encounter.
  • Masturbate To Ejaculation Before Having Intercourse. For some men, two sexual encounters is all that is needed to prolong sex. Masturbating before intercourse removes some of extra sensitivity, excitement and tension that comes from having sex and often leads to premature ejaculation. This is an especially good idea if it will be your first act of intercourse with a new partner.

In some cases, these techniques will not help control premature ejaculation. If that is the case, you should seek out the help of your physician. Therapy or prescriptions may be the answer.

If you feel comfortable shopping for sexual aids in public, a trip to the Hustler Hollywood store on State Route 63 in Monroe might be just what the doctor ordered. If the thought of purchasing sexual novelties in public makes you cringe, Adam & Eve offer a great assortment of items online.


Cannabis Use Among Male Teens Impacts Brain Development

A new study has found that male teens who use cannabis (marijuana), particularly those who have genetic risk factors for schizophrenia, have decreased cortical thickness of their brain. The cortex is the outer area of the brain and its thickness is associated with cognitive ability (intelligence). The findings were published online on August 26 in the journal JAMA Psychiatry by an international team of researchers.

The study authors note that cannabis use during adolescence is known to increase the risk for schizophrenia in men. Sex differences in the process of brain maturation during the teens may be of particular importance in regard to vulnerability of the male brain to cannabis exposure. Therefore, they conducted a study to assess whether the association between cannabis use and cortical maturation in adolescents is affected by a polygenic risk score for schizophrenia. (A polygenic risk score is a measurement of genetic risk factors for schizophrenia.

For the study, the researchers reviewed data from three studies of teens of both genders: 1,024 adolescents of both genders from the Canadian Saguenay Youth Study (SYS); follow-up in 426 adolescents of both genders from the IMAGEN Study from eight European cities; and 504 male teens from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) based in England. The study group comprised a total of 1,577 adolescents (aged 12-21 years (899; 57.0% male).Information was available on: (1) cannabis use; (2) imaging studies of the brain; and (3) a polygenic risk score for schizophrenia across 108 genetic locations identified by the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. Data analysis was conducted from March 1 through December 31, 2014.

The main outcome measurement of the study was cortical thickness derived from magnetic resonance images (MRIs). Statistical analysis was used to determine the relationships between cannabis use, cortical thickness, and risk score.

The investigators found that among the three groups, a negative association was observed between cannabis use in early teens and cortical thickness in male participants with a high polygenic risk score, meaning that cannabis use was associated with a thinner brain cortex in these teens. This association was not found for low-risk male adolescents or for the low- or high-risk female participants. In SYS male teens, cannabis use interacted with risk score in regard to cortical thickness; higher scores were associated with lower thickness only in males who used cannabis. Similarly, in the IMAGEN male teens, cannabis use interacted with increased risk score in regard to a decrease in cortical thickness from 14.5 to 18.5 years of age. In the ALSPAC high-risk group of male adolescents, those who used cannabis most frequently (61 or more occasions) had lower cortical thickness than those who never used cannabis (difference in cortical thickness and those with light use (less than 5 occasions).

The authors concluded that cannabis use in the early tens influenced the association between the genetic risk for schizophrenia and cortical maturation among males. Therefore, this finding associates processes underlying cortical maturation in affecting the link between cannabis use and liability to schizophrenia.


How to Increase Blood Flow In Penis?


Sexual performance is largely determined by the blood circulation to the penis. When there is a good supply of blood to the penis, the individual is able to achieve an erection and be able to sustain it. This causes an increase in the sexual performance and leaves the individual and the partner satisfied.

Belly Fat

Blood Flow In Penis Excess weight affects the flow of blood to the vital organs. This happens because there are excess fat deposits in the body and this may cause a blockage in the blood vessels. The people who have a big belly tend to have a smaller penis. This is caused by the overlying fat in the belly that tends to hide the penis. Reducing the size of the belly will increase the size of the penis and allow more blood to flow through it.


The nicotine that is contained in the cigarettes causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. This causes a reduction of blood flowing to the vital organs including the penis. Research has shown that the patient who quit smoking are able to achieve an erection and sustain it that those who had a relapse. When one quits smoking, the blood vessels are relaxed and this causes an increase in the blood flow to the heart. The heart is then able to supply all the vital organs in the body including the penis.

Walk Every Day

Exercise helps in promoting blood circulation in the body. This occurs because the heart works more to ensure that the individual’s vital organs are well supplied with blood as they exercise. The heart rate is also increased and this causes an increase in the blood flowing from the heart to the vital organs in the body. This causes the penis to be supplied well with blood.

Ball Check

Every male is encouraged to do self-examination of the sexual organs at least once a month. This ensures that any problems with the sexual organs are detected early and the patient is able to get the necessary treatment. This ensures that there is good flow of blood to the penis and that diseases like erectile dysfunction can be avoided.

Going to Bed Earlier

The balance of rest and activity are important in maintaining optimum health. This is because over exhaustion causes the body to overwork and this can cause an interference with the organs of the body. It is encouraged that one should go to bed early and ensures that they get enough rest. This ensures that the blood circulation to different organs is enhanced. When there is good flow of blood to the penis, one is able to achieve an erection and sustain it.


The foods that one ingests control the activity of different organs in the body including the heart. The foods that help to improve the function of the heart include fish that is healthy and can be taken daily. When the activity of the heart is enhanced, there is increased blood flow to the vital organs including the penis. This ensures that patient is able to achieve an erection and a have a satisfying sexual activity together with their partner.

Drink Moderately

Alcohol has been known to be aphrodisiac that helps to arouse sexual desire in an individual. This is because alcohol makes one relax and this tends to put them in the mood of having sex. One or two drinks may cause these effects but when taken in excess, alcohol reduces the libido. Excessive drinking may cause an erectile dysfunction. This is because alcohol causes dehydration as the body loses a lot of water while trying to remove the waste products. This causes a reduction in the blood flowing to the penis.

Relax and Unwind

Sexual activity is largely determined by the brain. Sexual activity starts in the brain where a message is sent to the brain and this increases the flows of blood to the penis thus causing an erection. Rest is important in ensuring that different organs in the body are functioning well. This includes the heart and the brain that help in maintaining sexual activity. When the heart is functioning well, there is good flow of blood to the penis.

Alternative Solution

It is advisable to take male enhancement supplements to help increase the blood flow to the penis possibly natural. This supplements act by enhancing the activity of the heart and this improves circulation to different organs in the body. The supplements that can be taken include omega 3 and omega 6 supplements.


Maintaining optimal health in the body ensures that the sexual organs are functioning well. This is by balancing rest and activity, eating a healthy diet, reducing the intake of alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight.


Do Natural Supplements Really Work to Increase Vigor of Men

If you have heard about natural male enhancement supplements, then you know that there are many claims made about such products on the market today. Do natural supplements really work to increase the vigor of men? Many satisfied consumers have tried such products and found them to be effective, having a positive impact on male sexual performance issues. They do not claim to be a cure all, but they can have a dramatic impact on sexual performance in males.

Let us try to understand what natural supplements are and how they work, so we can form our own opinions.


What is Natural Supplement?

In the most general sense, natural supplements are used to provide nutrients or other substances that might not normally be consumed in a daily diet. These maybe supplemental vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, or substances like fiber, potassium or calcium. Natural supplements contain herbal elements or botanical products. Usually they are supplements to the daily diet, that would not normally be consumed in high enough quantities to have a lasting impact. In the United States, all natural dietary supplements are defined as foods, but are classified as drugs or other product types elsewhere.

How To Consider A Supplement Is Natural?

In order to be considered a natural dietary supplement, the product must contain one or more of the following, a vitamin, a mineral, an amino acid, an herbal substance, a botanical product, another supplemental dietary item like enzymes, a concentrate, a metabolite, a constituent or an extract of some kind. Any product that contains something other than these, technically is not considered a natural supplement. Most natural male enhancement products contain the herbal or botanical type of ingredients, therefore they are considered natural.

What Are The Ingredients Commonly Used?

There are many male enhancement pills on the market today, but only some are actually natural supplements. When looking at different products, here are what some of the best ones contain for ingredients. Commonly used ingredients used in natural male enhancers include yohimbe root, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, maca root, epimedium and tongkat ali. All are natural herbal products that are used in male enhancement supplements.

It is important to note that all natural ingredients are the only way to insure that the product does what it claims, as per advertising and market campaigns. The list of items above have all been successful natural male enhancement supplements, used by men to increase their sexual stamina and to treat male performance problems.

What are the Necessary Tests Done on Natural Supplements?

For the most part natural supplements do not go through the same testing as other products that are foods or consumable items. Instead, there are restrictions put on the typical serving sizes allowed for natural supplements. Even so, most manufacturers do not need FDA approval for the sale of dietary supplements. If you need more detailed information on a particular product, you will have to contact the distributor or manufacturer directly.

The FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition ( or CFSAN ) has the responsibility for oversight in such matters, but not until a claim has been made that a product is unsafe. Natural supplements must follow the guidelines as laid out by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act ( DSHEA ) of 1994. They are not allowed to claim that a natural supplement is a medical treatment or cure for any specific condition. If a complaint is launched against a company, the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission will launch an investigation. If you want an analysis of a product’s content, then you will need to contact the a commercial laboratory to do the analysis.

In most cases, natural supplements are the best way to safely impact male sexual HEALTH. Many consumers can attest to the fact, that natural supplements do really work to increase the vigor of men. They can help with all kinds of sexual performance issues and increase the stamina of most men in the bedroom. If used correctly, they are a perfect way to improve your sexual performance and boost your confidence as a man. Trying a natural supplement to impact male sexual performance is a good place to start. Often the effects are profound and have a positive impact.


Latest Male Enhancement Techniques

The sexual revolution has been moving forward for decades, but somehow men are still catching up. Partly because most men are not well informed about their sexuality or their gender. A prime example is the way male sexual health is treated in society. For the most part, it is a hushed or little talked about issue. Men are still in the dark ages about many things realted to their sexuality, mostly because they don’t ask the right questions. Here is one of the biggest questions on every man’s mind today, even if they don’t want to ask it.

What is Male Enhancement?

For men who have problems achieving and sustaining an erection, male enhancement is the answer. The sex lives of men are being saved by using various types of male enhancement products. This is the new age of sexual freedom and men are back in the game. Even so, every market has it’s good and bad points. Which is exactly why, it is important to know about what you are buying. Because not all male enhancers are equally effective, so let the buyer beware. Especially when you see bold statements, like the following words illustrate…

Latest Male Enhancement Options Available in Market Today!!!

Lucky for sexually active men, there are a number of male enhancement options available online or at their local adult retailers. Since getting it up is important to men, there are many companies that focus in on this ever present niche market. The adult sex market has invented a variety of products, all claiming to be the cure for impotence, sexual performance problems and of course, erectile dysfunction or ED. Now let us take time to address some other questions that often are asked by men, concerning male enhancement and their sexual health.

Should We Use Pumps / Vacuums?

One of the earliest forms of sexual male enhancements were penis pumps. Pumps and vacuum devices are still around, but their effectiveness is problematic. Men who use such devices do achieve erections by blood flow that is forced within the pressurized environment. Unfortunately, such pressure is not recommended as a method of penis enhancement. Many men have unintentionally caused themselves harm by extending their penis too far. Ouch isn’t the half of it.

Should We Use Extenders?

Male enhancements have traditionally included devices to extend the penis. Although this idea maybe an attractive one to some men, penis enlargement do not guarantee anything permanent and can be harmful to the integrity the male member. If used excessively, such devices can lead to unpredictable results and may do irreparable harm to the genitals.

Should We Use Gel / Lotion / Creams?

The biggest disadvantage with gels, lotions and creams is their effectiveness isn’t consistent. Men who use lubricants regularly may start to loose some sensitivity sexually, or their arousal may become dependent on using lubrication, rather than getting aroused in more natural ways. Also men and women sometimes find such products give them allergic reactions, that must really suck. The products that are sold as gels, lotions or creams are meant for occasional use, or else they might become less effective.

Should We Use Patches?

If you are noticing a pattern, patches or time released products always have some inherent flaws. Mostly, it causes men to get used to the idea of always needing another dosage, so to speak. Male enhancment by a patch on your body isn’t the most realistic method of male enhancment, nor proven to be effective for the most part.

Should We Use Sex Pills?

If asked to describe the worst part of male enhancement for most men, can you guess what it is? In brief, it is waiting for some prescription sex pill to take effect and when it does, the effects can be unpredictable. Using pills for male enhancement has plenty of disadvantages, they are know more commonly as a long list of side effects. This is because most are just another pharmaceutical company pushing drugs, so that men will not question putting something unnatural in their bloodstream just to get an erection. If you think on it, sex pills like Viagra are actually causing unconscious psychological addiction among men worldwide.


The advantages of natural male enhancement pills are simple. Without major side effects, potential harm to your penis or paying expensive prices for unproven male enhancement products, it is still possible to get treatment for erectile dysfunction. Men everywhere are having sex, getting hard, making love and rocking the world’s of women right now. They are doing it with natural male enhancement products that can be purchased online or at their favorite local adult shop. This article has attempted to steer men clear from some of the less effective male sexual enhancers, in favor of more conventional and natural products. It is time for another sexual revolution, one that understands that men matter, they are sexual beings, some have sexual dysfunctions and nobody should have to feel bad about it. Now that is something that is hard to swallow.


How to Treat Retrograde Ejaculation?

When it comes to ejaculation, men can potentially deal with three major problems such as premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation. Men who suffer from retrograde ejaculation also display low self-esteem and confidence. Most men who suffer from this condition don’t feel comfortable to discuss it with their friends and spouses. This article will provide a brief insight into the problem and show you how to treat it.

What Is Retrograde Ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is a problem that occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of showing up through penis during the orgasm. The sperm leaves your body with urine. Although men with this problem are still able to experience orgasm, they ejaculate little to no sperm at all. This problem is usually referred to as a dry orgasm. Although this problem isn’t dangerous it affects person’s fertility.

What Causes This Problem?

To understand the retrograde ejaculation, it’s important to realize how men’s genital region operates during an orgasm. For example, when a man experiences orgasm, a tube called vas deferens transports sperm to the prostate. There, it’s mixed with other fluids in order to produce semen or ejaculate.

The muscle which is located at the opening of the bladder tightens in order to prevent ejaculate from reaching the bladder while it passes from prostate into the urethra (tube inside the penis). This same muscle keeps urine in your bladder until you urinate.

In men who suffer from retrograde ejaculation, the muscle at the opening of the bladder or bladder neck muscle isn’t able to tighten properly which is why sperm enters the bladder before it reaches urethra.

Retrograde Ejaculation Causes include:

  • Prostate surgery or bladder neck surgery
  • Intake of some medications for blood pressure, prostate enlargement, mood disorders etc.
  • Nerve damage that occurs as a result of some medical condition such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, multiple sclerosis.

Am I At Risk Of Dry Orgasm?

Men who are at risk of getting this ejaculation problem are:

  • Men who suffer from diabetes or multiple sclerosis
  • Men who underwent prostate or bladder surgery
  • Men who take medications for high blood pressure, mood disorders etc.
  • Men who suffered from spinal cord injury.

How to Treat Retrograde Ejaculation?

Although retrograde ejaculation isn’t dangerous, men feel subconscious about the fact they are unable to ejaculate sperm which is why their self-esteem and confidence is affected. In some cases, men experience low sexual desires as well.

The best way to treat retrograde ejaculation is to consult your healthcare provider and find out the underlying cause. This problem is always associated with some other health issue which means that treating the underlying problem can also help you resolve retrograde ejaculation as well.

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However, if the retrograde ejaculation is caused by surgery of prostate or bladder, then your doctor most likely won’t be able to help you. It’s because surgery changes the anatomy of your body and drugs are unhelpful in this case.

Tips For a Healthy Penis

Even though retrograde ejaculation is caused by other medical problem such as diabetes it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best on improving penis health. Below, you can see some tips that will help you boost your penis’ health and sexual performance:

  • Maintain a healthy weight – if you’re overweight or obese here’s one more reason to lose weight. Excessive weight decreases testosterofoods improve penilene levels and it makes it difficult to obtain and maintain erections.
  • Eat foods that improve penile health such as spinach, bananas, tomatoes, hot sauce, watermelon, pomegranate, drink green tea, chilli peppers, strawberries, avocados, peanut butter, broccoli, oysters, walnuts, herring, turkey breast, grass-fed beef, eggs, liver, celery etc.
  • Use supplements – there are many dietary supplements on the market which give you harder and stronger erections, improve blood flow to the penis to make you strong or they boost penis health. For example, Virectin is made of all-natural ingredients, restores hormone balances and improves your sex life as well.
  • Learn how to avoid or reduce stress – for example, you can find your own unique way of stress management. Stress affects your overall health and it can have a significant impact on your sex performance.
  • Exercise – with regular physical activity you can protect your own health which means you can decrease the risk of getting retrograde ejaculation which would occur as a consequence of some disease.
  • Have sex regularly – regardless of your ejaculation problem, erection problem, or even if you have spotless penis health, you should have sex regularly. Regular intercourse improves your marriage or relationship and is crucial for your penile health and quality of sex performance.


Retrograde ejaculation refers to a problem in which affected person isn’t able to ejaculate the sperm through the penis once he achieves orgasm. Instead, the sperm reaches the bladder. This condition isn’t dangerous and is caused by some underlying medical problem. Treating the underlying cause and seeing a urologist can help you deal with this problem.


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Why Erectile Dysfunction age 40

Why Erectile Dysfunction age 40, Erectile dysfunction (“ED”) is the inability to develop and maintain an erection and is commonly called “impotence.” The clinical guidelines for erectile dysfunction being a serious disorder, is when it lasts longer than 3 months. Researchers report that erectile dysfunction increases in men the older they become. At age 40, about 40% of men develop ED and the rate increases to about 70% as they near the age of 70. Erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men in the United States. ED can occur at any age, but the older a man gets, the greater the chance that he will have a health problem that results in ED. The National Institutes of Health reports, that approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15 and 25% of 65-year-old men experience ED on a long-term basis.

New statistics are now reporting problems with men under 40 who are experience ED. Men aged 40 and over are associated with other common cause erections, like low testosterone levels, body mass index, hypertension, surgery and illnesses. However, the reasons why men younger than 40 are experiencing ED problems are sets of different issues than their father and grandfathers. Even though psychological factors like anxiety or depression do play a role in men under 40′s sexual problems, other factors like early porn, drugs, excessive smoking, bad dietary habits, and illnesses all form a basis for erectile dysfunction to affect 1 out of 4 men under 40′s. Erectile dysfunction in men under 40, use to be a rare occurrence, especially when there were no preexisting health issues. Young men are now suffering from ED at rates higher than what was previously indicated as normal. Young men who are seeking treatment for this and other sexual problems seems to be increasing in numbers. The use of male enhancement medications, like those advertised on TV, has increased by 312% among men aged 18-45, since the year of 2008.

Underlying Causes of ED In Young Men

Another factor that is causing great concern for men under age 40 who are experiencing ED, is enlisted military men. Young men under 40 in this category are not just suffering from ED, but they are being reported as experiencing severe erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, the overall rate of ED in military men is three times higher than the rate of ED in civilian males of same or similar age. The clinical study rate of ED in the 36 to 40 year age group is 10% more than civilian men. Whenever a medical condition is ruled out in libido meter of men by age, who are being treated for ED, the only other conditions associated with ED are bad lifestyle habits. Toxic habits do affect hormone balance levels and blood vessel flow which contributes to the penile area and causes ED. Other factors that bring about ED for young men under 40 are stress, neurological problems like depression, certain medications, metabolic conditions that blog blood vessels, and illnesses like diabetes.


For young men under 40, there are a number of physical or psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction, a majority of causes which are temporary. Treatment for erectile dysfunction has improved a great deal over the last 10 years. If a young man’s ED problem is related to health conditions, he can receive treatment so that his ED problem could go away. If medication is causing ED problems, then your doctor can start you on alternative medication. Simple, but permanent lifestyle changes also attribute to a young man beginning to function normally. Cost Effective Penile Implant in India and Other treatments are available in the form of vacuum pumps; PDE-5 inhibitors; an injection or a small pellet of Alprostadil; hormone therapy; surgery due to injuries; Shockwave Therapy or Ed1000; sensate focus which is a type of sex therapy; psychosexual counselling which is a form of relationship therapy; pelvic floor exercises, and other types of complementary therapies, like acupuncture.


Erectile dysfunction in young men under 40, can have many causes, both psychological and physiological. Plus, it is a devastating topic, but you are not alone, there are millions of other young men who are also dealing with this issue. What’s so important, is that young men can be treated as identified above. Talking to urologists and other healthcare professionals is a solution that can lead to treatment options that are readily available. There are no more myths, which are surrounding the sexual health of men of all ages and there are no preconceived guesses about men and erectile dysfunction. Young men are asked to see their medical professional so that the correct cause can be identified and treatment.


5 Common Causes that Mess up your Erections

There are numerous factors that can affect your sex life. What’s worse are the factors that can prevent you from enjoying the sex life you desire, mainly because you cannot seem to sustain an erection. Well, we all have been there where a minor issue wrecked an amazing time planned with the significant other.

To understand how to sustain an erection must go hand in hand with understanding the science behind the erection. An erection can be summarized as a response that makes the penis become hard through high blood flow that comes into the penis from other parts of the body. Testosterone goes hand in hand with the increased blood flow. However, if the production of testosterone is screwed, there will be very little erections if any. Various factors such as being overweight or smoking van cause one to be unable to sustain erections. However, there are those things that piss you off and cause you to lose your erection in an instant. Below are some of the common causes shown to mess up your erections.

1. Grocery Receipts

Well, you must have seen the common type of printouts that you get at the grocery store or even convenience store. Researchers have shown that most of these receipts do contain very high levels of bisphenol-A, commonly referred to as BPA. This is a chemical that causes men to increase the production of female hormone estrogen. According to a study performed by Kaiser Permanente, the concoction of high estrogen as well as other BPA hormonal changes, your hardness is the hardest hit. Most of the receipts coming from the laser printed machines, be it at airports, the atm or even lottery tickets come with a high dose of BPA and ought to be avoided. Other known sources with high BPA levels include canned foods as well as hard plastics. To stay safe, try to avoid what you can of the known BPA sources and maybe try digital receipts.

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2. Crappy Shuteye

If you sleep for less than 5 hours a night, then you can have significantly lower erections as opposed to a person that sleeps more than 5 hours. A study done at the University of Chicago on people who slept less than 5 hours every day for a week showed that their testosterone levels had sank by at least 10%. Adequate sleep of at least 7 – 8 hours allows for sufficient production of testosterone. Lack of enough sleeps means that there is a reduced testosterone production and ultimately problems of erectile dysfunction.

3. A Baby in your Bedroom

People sleeping in close proximity to their new born children may be detrimental to your testosterone production. A study performed by researchers from Northern Western University as well as Notre dame showed that people sleeping in close proximity to young children had a reduction of testosterone production of up to 7 %, thus the reason why you might not be able to sustain erections. More to this, testosterone slump might also be attributed to the disrupted sleep you may get if your young one wakes you up at odd hours of the night, as you may be lacking the adequate rest needed for optimum production of testosterone.

4. A Lot of Pavement Pounding

If you run more than 40 miles in a week, you might want to cut back on the number. Running 40 or any more miles can make you lose up to 17% in the production of testosterone. This is from a study performed by the University of British Columbia. According to the study, the physical exercise you engage in if done in excess can cause a massive drop in the production of hormone producing glands as the link between the brain and producing gland is disrupted, thus the reason most long distance runners have low testosterone levels.

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5. Alcohol

Well, there has been a lot of evidence collected to show that alcohol, be it wine, beer, rum or even scotch have estrogen inducing agents that lower testosterone levels. This is according to a study performed by the University of Oklahoma. Respondents who just had 2 drinks in a day reposted having a slump in the production of testosterone. Avoid alcohol intake if you desire to enjoy a consistent as well as rock hard erection.

If you desire to sustain strong erections, it is highly advisable that you look at the various methods that can boost testosterone levels naturally. There are numerous methods that would range from healthy food, to herbs that can help you sustain rock hard erections. In case you face consistent erection loss, it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor who can perform various medical tests on you and offer you the best remedies you can pursue to enjoy hard and long lasting erections.

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