Restoring Intimacy After Prostate Cancer: The Journey of Mr. Tan and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

The Journey of Mr. Tan and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: It was late at night. Sixty-three-year-old Mr. Tan was resting on his bed, reading the newspapers. His wife of more than 30 years joined him, putting her arms onto his lap. In the past, Mr. Tan would have responded to his wife’s subtle request for physical…

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Why Erectile Dysfunction age 40

Statistical data reveal that approximately 20,000 American men undergo penile implant surgery. A guesstimate for India is around 250 per annum

Kiran was shattered. His neurological condition made it difficult for him to get an erection. Initially he was hopeful, as the doctor prescribed Viagra. When it did not work, he tried Vacuum Suction Device. When everything failed, penile prosthetic surgery was suggested. Penile prosthesis a.k.a penile implants are medical devices which are implanted or embedded…

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المريض العراقي يشارك تجربته الإيجابية مع جراحة زرع القضيب في الهند

يشارك المريض العراقي سيد حسين تجربته مع جراحة زرع القضيب في الهند قدم المريض العراقي سيد حسين الآن جراحة زرع القضيب في الهند وكان مستعداً تماماً للتجربة. قبل الجراحة كان يعاني من العقم الحادث، مما أثر على جودة حياته وعلاقاته بشكل كبير. بعد البحث عن عدة خيارات العلاج، قرر أن يجرب جراحة الإدراج العضوي، والتي…

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Patient from Iraq Shares Positive Experience with Penile Implant Surgery in India

Mr. Hussain, a patient from Iraq, recently traveled to India for a penile implant surgery and was extremely pleased with the experience. Prior to the surgery, Mr. Hussain had struggled with erectile dysfunction, which had greatly impacted his quality of life and relationships. After researching various treatment options, he decided to undergo a penile implant…

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Penile implants — What to expect and how to prepare

Penile implants can restore erectile function. Explore your choices and find out what to expect from this procedure. Penile implants are artificial devices implanted inside the penis that allow men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to achieve an erection. They’re also sometimes used to treat Peyronie’s disease, a disorder that causes bent or painful erections. There…

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