Preconception care can improve your chances of getting pregnant

Pregnancy if You Have Diabetes, Preconception care can improve your chances of getting pregnant

Planning for a baby is an exciting time, but the strategies don’t just begin after you’ve become pregnant. Accredited Practising Dietititan Cindy Shea of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, shares her expert advice on what you need to know about planning pre-conception Your health in the lead up to pregnancy is an important yet…

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What Is Dyspareunia?

Although the condition sounds quite complicated, and possibly even fatal, the definition of dyspareunia is rather simple. Dyspareunia is painful intercourse. A more exact definition is persistent or recurring genital pain that may occur immediately before, during or just after intercourse. Most women-one in five-will experience pain during intercourse at some point during their life,…

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Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Well Tolerated By Teens And Young Women

Unintended pregnancy is currently a major public health problem in the US; approximately 3 million unplanned or mistimed pregnancies occur each year in the nation. Worldwide, the problem has decreased in recent years; however, unintended pregnancy rates have not decreased in the US. A new study noted that increasing access to effective contraception may prevent…

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Perk up those ears and you’ll catch whispers of sexual dissatisfied? No, these women are not frigid. They aren’t hitting menopause either. And they are not just heading to gynaecologists and psychologists. Women are talking to astrologers and lawyers. They are buying vibrators. All for some sexual satisfaction.   Count the number of human heads and…

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