Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction – Most Neglected Complications!

Until just recently, erectile dysfunction was one of the most neglected of complications. However, times have changed, and so have many medical opinions to overall. With all of the misconceptions surrounding erectile dysfunction. There was a time when it was very hard to discuss the details of this malady. However, it is something crucial to talk about, because it does and can happen at any time. So, with this said, it is best to talk about it and confront it at the very same time to.

Awareness Of ED As A Complication Of Diabetes Is A Good Thing

Until very recently, the awareness of ED as a complication of diabetes was something, which was seriously neglected as being a complication of diabetes. However, that has changed, and this is a very good thing for all those who do suffer from erectile dysfunction. In the past, ED was looked on as being something that happened to men who were older, or also because of emotional problems. This is how doctors and their patients used to view this. Nonetheless, this isn’t true, as a lot more is being learned about ED for what it is. This misconception, which went along with a man’s embarrassment and reluctance to talk about his disorder, was the state of affairs that was directly responsible for this neglectful view of ED. However, more awareness is not being made about ED, and this awareness is all about it being a complication of diabetes.

A man who is sexually competent must have a series of events and multiple mechanisms for normal erection to take place

First of all, a man must have desire or libido for his sexual partner, and if he doesn’t this works against him in a major way. Secondly, he must be able to divert blood from one artery to the other, where his penis is concerned. This is so he can get an erection for sexual penetration. Third, he must be able to discharge sperm, as well as, for semen through his urethra for ejaculation. Fourth, he must be able to experience a sense of pleasure, which is called an orgasm. A man has erectile dysfunction if he cannot reach or keep an erection during the act of sex.

When Is A Man Considered To Have ED?

A man is considered to have erectile dysfunction if he is unable to achieve, or even keep an erection for very long, while in the midst of a sexual act. This problem causes him to not have an erection that has rigidity or one that cannot be maintained long enough for sexual intercourse.

When Is The Term Impotent Reserved For A Man Specifically?

The modern men of today are aware with the term impotence and what it denotes. What does it denote? It denotes erectile dysfunction and when a man gets this condition. He tends to believe his sex life is dead and gone for good. This is because of his inability to achieve and maintain a healthy erection that a man does need to have sexual intercourse. However, there are treatments available to help out this problem. So, he should never feel hopeless about ED, or even defeated because he isn’t. There is real hope and real treatment to combat it successfully.

The Prevalence Of ED In Men Occurs At What Ages The Most?

Men of any age can experience ED for whatever reason. So, there is no discrimination here, based on age to contract it. If anything what does influence ED for one set of age groups of men may be totally the opposite for those in another age group entirely. It is rare for young men to get ED. However, it does, and can happen to the younger age guys. This is because of certain lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, stress, anxiety, and recreational drug use. Therefore, no man is exempt because of age, from the effects of ED it does appear.


Diabetes and erectile dysfunction do have interlinking bonds. However, both diseases can peacefully co-exist in person who has it. However, it is best to purge one’s self of all that they think doesn’t go along with each medical problem individually and jointly. Both diabetes and erectile dysfunction have been made to suffer some very grave misconceptions about them that need to be addressed.

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