Erectile dysfunction Causes and Sadness

Sexual performance is a touchy issue — excuse the bad pun — and it could be even touchier when hooked up with how much men drink. Guys who want to avoid taking erectile dysfunction drugs, such as Cialis or the blue pill might want to back off the alcohol. Drinking alcohol can cause lasting damage to men’s sexual performance even after abstaining from the booze, a 2013 study suggests.

Erectile dysfunction Causes and Sadness

Researchers said men can suffer “the droop” for more than a year after giving up heavy drinking. Academics from Santo Tomas University in Columbia and the University of Granada in Spain said their results show that, overall, all dimensions (pleasure, arousal, desire and orgasm) were moderately impaired. Pleasure and orgasm being the two most significantly impaired. After even two weeks of abstinence, there was no improvement.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine study noted: It does not seem to be just a temporary problem because erectile ability was still affected after a year, and according to the results, did not seem likely to improve by just reducing drinking rather than quitting all together. This 2013 study reverses long-standing myth that alcohol does not cause performance problems. In fact, studies show that men with the disease of alcoholism have a 60 to 70 percent chance of suffering from sexual problems. Alcohol users were found to have lower pleasure scores, which only backs up years of speculation about alcohol and how it changes male performance and overall reproductive health.

So the booze may make it easier to get a few digits at the club, but the depressant can kill the fun later that night… and possibly later in life if the drinking continues.

The researchers also found that heavy drinkers tended to enjoy sex less, and less often, than those who don’t drink anymore. Might have something to do with how alcohol impacts other areas of relationships, too.


Erectile dysfunction can cause sadness

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