What is The Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Caused by Heart Disease?

If a man has erectile dysfunction. Does this indicate that he has heart disease or will have it? The answer to this question is a possible yes. This is because erectile dysfunction and heart disease are indeed connected. When you understand the connections that do exist between them. You will then know that if you need treatment for heart problems that you must get it.

Is Erectile Dysfunction A Signal To Look For Hardening Of The Arteries In The Body?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. This is because erectile dysfunction can be due to the presence of plaque in the penis. Plaque buildup in the penis can lead to a man having trouble getting an erection or keeping one because of restricted blood flow. This may surely be the small indicator of a much bigger problem which is the presence of some form of heart disease and hardening of the arteries.

Are There Certain Men At Increased Risk For Ed And Heart Disease?

Yes, there is certain men who are at a much bigger increased risk of developing both ED and heart disease. Some of these men types do include those who have diabetes, who are smokers, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and have a family member that has had heart disease.

The treatment for ED caused by heart disease is this. He must be willing to make some lifestyle changes to help serve as treatment. These lifestyle changes do include eating a much better and healthier diet, getting a regular routine for exercise, losing weight, and improving your ability to get an erection. However, if there is an indication of serious heart problems, you may need treatment from a physician regarding this.

Is Being Overweight Or Obese An Open Invitation To Getting Ed And Heart Disease?

Yes, being overweight or obese is not a good thing, and it can only serve to encourage the presence of very bad health. So, with this said, it can lead to getting ED and heart disease. If you don’t take care of your body early on, it can come back, to haunt you full throttle later on in life. Therefore, try not to be too overweight, and if you are you need to get a working plan to get your good health going and the bad health risk done away with fast.

Is Being Depressed The Ticket Straight To Ed And Heart Disease?

Being in a constant state of depression can literally lay siege to your entire body, your emotional and mental health, and everything that makes you yourself. Depression is usually the catalyst that starts off a bad string of health issues and it can indeed be the cause of ED and heart disease, as well, in addition

Does Having Erectile Dysfunction Cause Heart Problems?

The answer to this question is no. ED doesn’t cause heart problems. However, they both do seem to share one thing in common, and this one this is no other than a pathology of the blood vessels. The pathology of the blood vessels is known as being endthelial dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is indeed a bio-marker for heart disease. So, with this said, if you do have ED. Then you need to get checked out for any possible heart health issues that may be lurking in the background.

Many Cases Of Ed Are Linked To Underlying Physical Issues, But Some Are Emotional Based

Not all cases of ED are due to hidden medical causes such as heart disease and the like. There are some cases of ED being caused by psychological problems. Some of these psychological issues can be anxiety, fear, and failure of communication. These all can lead to taking a heavy toll on your sex libido.


Erectile dysfunction can occur as the result of atherosclerosis. What is atherosclerosis? It is no other than hardening of the arteries. It is a buildup of plaques in the arteries of the body. The smallest of all arteries for a man is within his penis. These could be the very first arteries to get plugged up and restrict any blood flow to the penis itself. This can cause a man to have trouble getting an erection or keeping one. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease do seem to be tied together.

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