4 Easy Yoga Asanas that’ll Help you Breathe Better

4 Easy Yoga Asanas that'll Help you Breathe Better

Breathing Yoga And Exercises: Increasing pollution is becoming a problem in Delhi and its adjoining areas. every year Diwali Around this pollution reaches dangerous levels. It becomes difficult to breathe in the poisonous air. People have to face many problems due to air pollution. Throat pain, cough problem, burning in the eyes and difficulty in breathing.

In such a situation, people take many measures to avoid pollution. People have started using air purifiers in their homes. Although air purifiers are very expensive, not everyone can afford it. Today we are telling you some yogasanas to avoid air pollution, so that you can prevent breathing problems from increasing. By yoga, the pulse becomes pure and the bad things accumulated in the body start coming out. You can avoid air pollution through yoga and pranayama.

Yoga and Pranayama to avoid air pollution

Anulom-Antonym- Do yoga regularly to avoid air pollution. Respiratory problems can be reduced by doing anulom vilom. Doing anulom-vilom for 5-7 minutes daily makes the lungs strong. This purifies the pulse. To do anulom vilom, inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Similarly, inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. This will benefit a lot.

Kapalbhati- To protect the body from air pollution, do Kapalbhati daily. For this, sit up straight with a cross and pull the lower part of the stomach inwards and exhale rapidly through the nose. You have to do this till you feel tired. This increases the amount of oxygen in the body. Doing Kapalbhati calms the mind. Due to this the breathing becomes slow and the body becomes stable. Kapalbhati is also a good pranayama for purifying blood.

Bhastrika- Bhastrika Pranayama is beneficial for making the lungs strong. By doing this, the belly fat is reduced. You have to do Bhastrika fast. This increases appetite and helps in purifying the pulse flow. Breathing problems go away by doing Bhastrika. To reduce the effect of air pollution, you should do Bhastrika Pranayama for a while every day.

external- Vahya Pranayama is beneficial for keeping the lungs healthy and reducing the effects of air pollution. To do this, sit down and take a deep breath. Now while holding the breath, release it in 3 times. Use the stomach and diaphragm to expel the air. Yes, keep in mind that you should not be in any uncomfortable position while exhaling. Touch your chin to the chest and pull the stomach up completely by inhaling it. Mainly, in this, air has to be filled well in the lungs and then it has to be released in 3 times. This can reduce the effect of air pollution.

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