Close The Arousal Gap With Topical Sprays

Close The Arousal Gap Including Premature Ejaculation

Pleasing your partner can be complicated due to some of the differences between men and women. Typically, men reach orgasm in 6-7 minutes whereas women don’t usually achieve it until 15-20. This can be due to a number of factors, including premature ejaculation. Industries have grown around this issue, making numerous sex toys for women to hasten orgasm but products for men to slow the onset of ejaculation have been mostly unsuccessful due to a myriad of unwanted side effects. For example, anti-depressants are often prescribed by physicians for men seeking help with PE as they slow the ejaculatory response. However, they are often accompanied by numerous side effects including loss of libido. There are many “numbing” sprays, creams, and gels available but, although they can help men last longer, they greatly decrease a man’s sensation and often transfer to the women unless a condom is used.

A new class of topical medications has recently been introduced to the market that solve these two issues with traditional desensitizers. These products use an absorption technology that enables the anesthetic to penetrate the outer layer of the penile skin and reach the nerves below that control ejaculation. As a result, the man maintains good sensation and none of the anesthetic remains on the skin’s surface to transfer to his partner.

The absorption technology also enables these sorts of products act quickly and can be applied just 10 minutes before sexual activity. These new formulas are typically low viscosity so that they will spread easily and can be administered in a metered dose bottle. This enables the man to adjust the dose until he achieves the desired control, then reproduce that same dose in the future.

If the formula does not contain prilocaine, these sprays do not require a prescription and can be easily washed off after absorption so as not to transfer to your partner. Topical medications do not require daily dosing, which can be both inconvenient and generate constant side effects. Topical products with absorption technology do not even require the use of a condom to be effective.

One product that fits the bill described above is Promescent. Developed in a leading U.S. university’s school of pharmacy, Promescent achieves a eutectic formula with lidocaine only and is therefore available in the U.S., over the counter, by way of FDA monograph 21 CFR 348.10. Promescent is the only FDA-approved product for premature ejaculation, and typically lasts at least 30 minutes or even more than hour depending on the dose.

These sorts of products are not only for men dealing with premature ejaculation issues, but for any man who wishes to have longer, more satisfying sex both for him and for his partner. By using this sort of product, you can close that arousal gap without worrying about the complications and side effects of other products out there and get back to the business you know best.

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