Exercise May Maintain A Strong Sense Of Smell Despite Aging

Exercise May Maintain A Strong Sense Of Smell Despite Aging

Exercising and working out have been proven to stave off a number of illnesses and keeps the body in good shape in general. On Oct. 20, 2013, Medical Daily reported exercise can also prolong the sense of smell as human beings age.

Many things weaken with age, including the sense of smell with about 62 percent of people over the age of 80 reporting “olfactory impairment,” according to the report.

Nevertheless, LiveScience indicates a new study has determined that working out to the point of sweating at least once a week decreases olfactory impairment, according to Medical Daily.

The sense of smell begins to weaken when the part of the brain responsible for odor perception deteriorates with age.

Although researchers are not completely sure why exercise makes such a difference regarding the sense of smell, they noted it could simply be related to the “overall benefits of exercise,” reports Medical Daily.

And, as the report concludes, “exercise is just plain good for you,” therefore, this study is just another reason to keep fit and continue to work out on a regular basis.

Is your age a refection of your lifestyle?


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