How to prevent cold and cough during winter Home remedies to prevent cold

Tips for preventing cold and cough: The new year has begun and with it the preparations for travel and picnics. At this time, winter is also at its peak. In such a situation, during or after the flight, you do not have to face problems such as cold, cough, and fever, so it is imperative that you continue to take some special precautions. Also, incorporate some Ayurvedic herbs into your daily life, which prevent any kind of cold related illness and if there is a problem stop it from developing and also treat it quickly.

How do you avoid a cold?

  • Keep your ears covered, especially while walking and sightseeing, i.e. your ears should remain covered. Especially if a cold wind blows and the fog is high.
  • Because the ears help maintain body temperature. You can also call the antenna or a body thermometer! Pay attention for a while, when you feel cold, your ears feel cold.
  • The cold in winter is not only because of the cold but also because of the infection. This is why I wear a mask. Now anyway, the Corona outbreak is increasing, so wearing a mask is mandatory for your safety.

Does the cold go away by eating?

Here we tell you about three home herbs, which are also Ayurvedic medicines. Consuming it regularly with honey will not bother you with the problem of cold, cough, fever …

  • Consumption of Honey and Turmeric: Once a day, whenever you feel like taking half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a teaspoon of honey, lick it slowly. As a result, infection-causing bacteria and viruses will not be able to take hold in your body.
  • Honey and licorice: Both are full of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. That is, taking them together prevents coughing and cold fever, as well as there is no sore throat problem. Every day during the day or an hour after dinner, mix half a teaspoon of licorice powder with a teaspoon of honey and eat it by licking it.
    To avoid a cold cough infection, you can keep a small piece of licorice in your mouth during the flight and continue to suck it like candy.
  • Black pepper and honey: Grind a grain of black pepper and mix it with half a teaspoon of honey and eat it. You can adopt this recipe at any time, when you have time. Doing this once a day boosts immunity and prevents seasonal infections.

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