Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels – What You Should Know About It?

Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels – What You Should Know About It

The studies done by American association of diabetes indicates that approximately 13 million men have low levels of testosterone. More than 90% of these men have not been treated for this problem. This causes the men to have a reduced sex drive and they may also present with erectile dysfunction.

Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels – What You Should Know About It

What Is Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels?

The testosterone hormone helps to maintain the sexual interest in adulthood. After the age of 30, the level of testosterone begins to decline and this leads to a decrease in sex drive. Most men tend to believe that the loss of stamina and sex drive is because of increased age but this is not the case.

What Happens Under Normal Conditions?

Testosterone is a male hormone that enables one to have male characteristics and it is the force behind his sex drive. Testosterone is the hormone that helps to build the muscles, deepening the voice and increasing the size of the penis and the testes. The hormone helps to maintain the sexual interest in men.

How to Ejaculate Normally?

Ejaculation is the term used to describe the discharge of semen when a man is climaxing. When a man is ejaculating normally, one is able to control ejaculation and this means that he ejaculates when ready. This helps to increase the sexual pleasure and both partners are left satisfied.

What Are The Risk Factors For Low T Levels?

A low level of testosterone can be caused by varied conditions and they include: testicular cancer or cancer treatment, hormonal disorders, infection, HIV/AIDS, chronic kidney or liver disease, diabetes type 2, obesity and an injury to any part of the testilces. Some genetic conditions and medicines can also be a cause of low level of testosterone. However, it is important know that the levels do not reduce with increased age.

What Causes Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels?

Low testosterone level usually occurs when there is a problem between the testes and the brain. This causes a reduction on the amount of testosterone that is being produced and this leads to it becoming low. The brain helps to signal the testes so that it can produce testosterone and when the level is high, it is signaled to reduce the production. It can also occur when there is a defect that is present in the testes and this affects the production of testosterone.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels?

The symptoms include reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decrease energy levels, decreased endurance and strength levels, problems with sleep, increase tenderness and size of the breast, reduced amount of body hair, reduced size of the testicles and the penis, reduced muscle mass, emotional problems like irritability, sadness, depressions and difficulty in concentration.

Who Gets Low T Levels?

The level of testosterone usually decreases with increased age but not to a level that is below the normal. The men who have a low level of testosterone are likely to have a defect of the testes or they can also be suffering from an infection. It can also occur in people who have a liver or a kidney disease or a hormonal disorder that interferes with the level of testosterone.

How Is Low T Levels Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of low testosterone is made by taking a blood sample to the laboratory for analysis. The normal range of testosterone level is 300 ng/dL. The upper limit range is 1,000-1200 ng/dL. When the level of testosterone is lower than this, then it is considered to be low.

What are The Treatments For Low Testosterone (Low T) Levels?

Surgical Treatments

There are no surgical treatments that are advised for low testosterone. When the underlying condition requires surgery, then the doctor will advice on the best surgery that should be done.

Non-surgical Treatments

The different options that can be used for low testosterone includes a skin patch called androderm. This patch is worn on the upper body or the arm and it should be applied once a day. There are also other gels that can be applied on the body and this is absorbed directly into the skin. Pumps are also available and this helps to deliver the required amount of testosterone that has been prescribed by the doctor.

Natural Treatment

The natural ways of raising testosterone level include taking foods that are rich in Vitamin D. The foods that are rich in vitamin D include tuna, low fat milk that contains vitamin D, egg yolk, orange juice and cereals that are fortified with vitamin D.

Unnatural Treatments

The unnatural modes of treatment include implants and injections that can be injected into muscles directly. It can also be implanted as pellets into the soft tissues. The testosterone is absorbed slowly by the body into the blood stream. There are also other testosterone pills that are available in the market but they are not advisable as they can cause a damage to the liver.

What Can Be Expected After Treatment?

The patients who are treated for low testosterone levels have a better sex and reduced depression. The treatment is considered to be safe as long as the patient is carefully monitored. The side effects of the treatment are that it can raise the level of red blood cells and it can also enlarge the breast. The treatment can also cause an enlargement of the prostate and therefore it is not advisable in people who have breast cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I got Low T Levels?

The only way that one can be able to know that they have a low level of testosterone is by visiting the doctor. A blood sample is taken and this is taken to the laboratory for analysis. When the level of testosterone is below 300 ng/dL, then it is considered to be low.

How to make a bad condition worse, if I worry about my Low T Levels?

The brain helps in the regulation of hormones in the body. When one worries about a condition, it will have an effect on the level of hormones. Therefore, worrying about the condition is likely to make the condition worse.

Is It Safe to Combine Treatment Options?

It is not safe to combine the treatment options unless one has been advised by the doctor. Some of the treatment options one is likely to cause side effects to the patient. The patient is encouraged to seek the advice of the doctor before combining any treatment options.

What Should I Do If Was Fine Before I Started Taking New Drug?

It is advisable to visit the doctor as soon as possible in case a new drug is the cause of the problem. The doctor may opt to change the drug or give advice on the best treatment option in cases where the drug cannot be changed.

Low level of testosterone is one of the causes of low sex drive in men. The level of testosterone reduces with increased age but it does not cause an abnormality. It is advisable to go for regular checkups to ensure that the levels of testosterone are within the normal ranges.

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