Technology is More than a Blessing in Disguise, for it Practically Runs your Home more than you

Technology is More than a Blessing in Disguise

Science has Only tried to make things livable for us in the from of technology. the human life today is dependent on technology, more so in the summer time, when heat is at its peak


Just imagine for a minute. It is summer time and you don’t have an air conditioner, you don’t have a microwave and you don’t even have a washing machine with a dryer option. Scary thought, isn’t it? Of course it is not impossible to live a life like that for our ancestors didn’t have the comfort of technology back then but then they also didn’t have temperatures touching a whopping 45 degrees. Science has only tried to make things livable for us in the form of technology. The human life today is so dependent on technology more so in summer time when all you can do is through technology.

Technology is More than a Blessing in Disguise

Home is where the technology is

Manju Sinha, a government employee from Mumbai, doesn’t mind leaving her 8-year-old son alone at home while she is in office. She explains, “I don’t have to worry about leaving Ishaan at home even when his grandmother is not there to look after him. He warms up the food in the microwave that I leave in the fridge in the morning, turns on the air conditioner and either watches TV or plays on his play station. The home security system makes sure the home is safe from intruders. I and my husband are in touch with him throughout the day over the phone. He is at home the whole day till I am back at 6.30. That’s when he goes off to his Taekwondo classes within the society premises. Technology is a big help in my case at least.”

It’s not just her, there are several parents out there whose children vacationing at home in the scorching summer are completely safe and entertained by different forms of technology. But then, why limit the advantages of technology to just kids? Is everyone’s life today not positively affected by a thing called technology? More so in today’s time when summer is one season you can’t live through without depending on technology.

Practically everything at home runs on technology enabled appliances. You don’t need to ‘sweat it out’ anymore at home. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you are surrounded by this magnificent human creation. The coffee maker gives you freshly brewed

coffee, a sandwich maker turns out nicely grilled sandwiches, the water purifier gives you the cleanest water you’ve had. Even when you don’t want to sweat it out in the kitchen in the sweltering heat, you can quickly cook up something in the microwave. At times when it is too hot to head out to buy some fresh veggies, just pick up your phone and dial your favourite restaurant to home deliver the food you want to have. And when you don’t feel like doing the dishes, relax, just leave them in the dishwasher. The sun might be sizzling outside, but your air conditioning unit will not let you feel the heat.

With gadgets ruling every corner of your home, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that gadgets or technology make your home self-sustainable. That’s why anyone who knows how to press the right buttons can be a homemaker. You don’t even have to worry about waking up early to wash the clothes so as to allow the clothes enough time under the sun to dry up by the evening. Your super cool washing machine can do that task in half the time while you attend to some other chore at home. Technology has allowed your sweet home to turn into a smart home, sweetly enough. Even on the entertainment front, you have your home theatre system creating that perfect cinema hall fantasy. So no more trouble to go to a cinema hall. That’s not all. You can always get all the equipment of a gym at home to turn it into a fitness zone. The neighbourhood gym can wait till the temperature goes down.

This tech talk is not just limited to the interiors alone, but well extends to the exteriors also. You can call your friends over to have a ball at home literally! Just turn up the music and lit up the hall and you can have a DJ party right at home. Speaking of exteriors, the garden is also a perfect place to organise a rain dance party. All you need to do is raise garden sprinklers and dance the night away. If it’s not a rain dance party, just head to your bathroom Jacuzzi.
So you see, you are safe, secure and comfortable in your ‘smart’ home. What more can you ask for? Practically nothing!

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