Why lose 18 pounds in 4 days?

Why lose 18 pounds in 4 days?

You can lose 18 pounds in 4 days. But, why would you want to put your body through that misery? Wouldn’t you rather eat healthy?

Why lose 18 pounds in 4 days?

I was reading this article about a fad diet, “Lose 18 Pounds In 4 Days.” That’s crazy and if you fall for that you will be sick and maybe hospitalized! This desperate mindset can lead to costly and painful eating disorders (like anorexia and bulimia) that affects so many people.

Losing weight is not the most important thing in your life (it improves the quality of your life). Television infomercials try to make you feel that way because they are trying to sell you their quick weight loss program. Don’t buy in!

These programs lead you to quick weight loss and even more weight gain, frustration and bad health. So, you find yourself regaining this weight quickly when you begin to eat the carbohydrates, proteins and fats that your body needs.

Veteran starvation dieters are frequent users. The typical dieter tries a new plan four times a year. “We have this mentality that a diet is something to go on and then get off as quickly as possible,” says FITNESS advisory board member Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, founding director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Weight Management Center. “But lasting weight loss requires making lifestyle changes that will work long-term.”

Quick weight loss veterans also deal with slowed metabolism, a weaker immune system, hormonal imbalances, loss of lean mass, increased body fat, decreased energy levels and disrupted sleep patterns. Is all that worth it?

Your confidence takes a hit with each weight loss and weight regain episode. “The more times you go through the gain-lose-gain cycle, the less convinced you become that you can break free from the constant ups and downs,” says Keri Gans, RD, a dietitian in private practice in New York City. “No one wants to diet forever; it’s hard work.”

It is safe to lose about 2 pounds per week (on average) as a part of your exercise program. At the beginning of your program, you might lose more weight and then level off in later weeks.

Build muscle mass and burn fat as you lose weight. Your body will gradually change to lean and toned and the weight will stay off. And, you will be healthy and look great. This process takes time and hard work. Although different supplements can be used to help you build muscle mass, no quick remedies will give you the “killer body” you want.

So, if you want to lose 30 pounds the right way, expect it to take about 15 weeks or more. Your genetic makeup, workouts and compliance to your meal plan are three factors that could increase/decrease this time frame.

What is the right way to exercise? A combination of interval cardio exercise (2-3 days a week) and full body strength training (3 days a week) is a proven effective permanent fat loss/weight loss combination.

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