The Magic Lemon: Curb Your Appetite With This Tart Fruit

The Magic Lemon - Curb Your Appetite With This Tart Fruit

There are many, many products that claim to curb the appetite and fight cravings and some may work, most however, are not all natural. Many people want to lose weight and most can follow a sensible diet plan. Unfortunately, cravings can sabotage a weight loss plan. It seems cravings are an uncontrollable force that comes over a person’s mind forcing the hand of the person to grab all sorts of unhealthy things even though the logic is screaming “NO!”

The Magic Lemon - Curb Your Appetite With This Tart Fruit


Snacking in between meals is one of the main culprits that kill a healthy diet plan. Sodas, chips, fried foods, sweets are filled with empty calories. Many do not realize how many calories are in these junk foods. With this in mind experts suggest drinking water or eating fruit in between meals instead of junk food. Of course this makes perfect sense because water helps to fill the belly so one can feel less hungry. Fruit, as well can stave off hunger and fill the stomach.

One trick that is often mentioned in passing is sucking on a lemon to curb the appetite, but it seems so simple, many dieters don’t even take the time to try it because it seems too easy to actually work. Bloggers who track successful dieters like Beyonce like to note specific eating habits to help the everyday folks achieve the seemingly unachievable goals of the stars. Beyonce has often been caught sucking on a lemon or sipping lemon water.

So does this trick really work? Is it just another old wives tale that will get your hopes up only to dash them again?

The following are some brief facts about lemons that may support proof of its magical powers:

Lemon as a “cleanser”: it cleanses the colon, fights bad breath, helps to fight acne, combat nausea and reduces skin problems like eczema.

Lemon as a “cure”: lemons have anti bacterial properties, anti-viral properties, they boost the immune system and they aid in digestion, some research even supports the fact that lemons can aid in pain relief.

The above facts are proof positive that lemons definitely do possess magical powers. But weight loss powers? Absolutely! If the idea of drinking water and/or eating fruit between meals appeals to you then drinking water infused with this super fruit will be a winner.

Fruit infused water is a trend because it allows one to benefit from the fruit and gain the benefit of drinking water at the same time. Infusing your water with lemon can kill your appetite and help you lose weight.

All you have to due is obtain a large Mason Jar or another kind of large glass container or pitcher. Fill the pitcher with purified drinking water. Add ice if you like your water cool. Finally, dump in several slices of fresh lemon. The pectin

fibers found in lemons will help curb your appetite. The water will help fill you up. Replace soda, juice and other drinks with lemon infused water. Whenever you feel hungry drink this fabulous lemon water.

You will not lose 10 pounds in 10 days like on the Master Cleanse as this is a drastic reduction in calories and requires great depravation from food. However, gradual weight loss will be realized over several weeks if the regimen is maintained. Not only that, but all the other amazing benefits of lemon will be yours to boot, this is a win, win situation!

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