Home Remedies How To Get Rid Of Indigestion Problem

Stomach Burning Problem: Special food is prepared in everyone’s homes on the festival. In such a situation, more oily and spicy things are made than normal days. Eating such food for several days in a row causes stomach upset. By taking oily-spicy food, there is a problem of heat and burning in the stomach. By eating such food which is not easily digested, it starts causing heat, acidity and many kinds of problems in the stomach. Constipation, abdominal pain and pimples can also occur due to heat in the stomach. Problems like burning in the stomach can bother. However, by adopting some home remedies, you can get relief from this problem. Know what to eat when there is heat in the stomach.

What to eat when there is burning and heat in the stomach

    1. Fennel- If there is a burning sensation in the stomach, you should consume fennel. Fennel is very cold in effect, eating it cools the heat of the stomach and gives coolness to the stomach. Fennel should be eaten especially after meals in summer. Eating fennel provides relief in gas, stomach heat and burning.
    1. Cardamom- Take cardamom to cool stomach irritation and heat. Cardamom is very cold in effect, after eating it, both the mouth and stomach get coolness. Whenever there is a problem of stomach acid, you should eat cardamom or drink cardamom tea. You will get rest.
    1. basil- Tulsi also helps in calming the burning sensation of the stomach. There are many such elements in Tulsi, which calm the heat of the stomach. This reduces the problem of acid formation. Chewing tulsi leaves after eating helps in digestion of preventive spicy food. Basil juice removes stomach problems.
    1. Mint- Peppermint is a panacea for calming stomach heat. Drink mint after eating upside down. This will give relief. Mint has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties, which soothe stomach heat, irritation and acid. Mint keeps the stomach cool.

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