Which Dry Fruits Are Good For Diabetic Patients And What They Are Supposed To Avoid Know Here

Dry Fruits

Best Dry Fruits For Diabetic Patients: Dry fruits are one such item which is kept at the top of the category of healthy food. Not only do the body get any nutrients from them, but they also benefit in many types of diseases. From increasing hemoglobin to improving digestion, different dry fruits work in different ways. However, when it comes to diabetic patients, they should keep some things in mind while consuming dry fruits.

Be careful with sweet fruits

Whatever dry fruits are sweet, eat less or do not eat them. If your sugar levels are high then eat them at least and if the sugar is fine then you can consume them in limited quantity. Actually, they are very rich in nutrients due to being dried in the sun. Similarly, they also contain the natural sugar fructose. Although natural sugar does not cause harm, but when sugar is increased, it can also do harm instead of benefit. Therefore, do not eat raisins, figs, dates, chuhara etc.

Portion size is required

Anything benefits only when taken in a limit. Dry fruits are healthy, it does not mean that you can start eating them whenever you want. Fix a time of the day and consume them in limited quantity at the same time. Mixing all the nuts should not be more than your fist. Keep one thing in mind and eat them soaked. All the benefits present in them are available only by eating them soaked.

Fried Roasted Nuts do not give benefit

Along with eating nuts, it is also important that how they are being eaten. If you eat dry fruits after frying them in ghee and sprinkle spices on them, then they do nothing other than increase your cholesterol. Similarly, roasted nuts also do not benefit that much. The right way to eat dry fruits is to soak them and eat them. Due to this, the nutrients inside them reach your body in the right amount. Therefore, while consuming dry fruits, keep these things in mind.

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