Of Good Health and Healing

One of the major factors that suffice all the aspects of medical enhancement in India is the easy availability of super specialists and a wide network of highly skilled and educated team of professionals

India is now quite ahead of its time when a generalised scenario is considered from the medical, therapeutic and health perspective. It’s been more than a decade that the state has undergone an entire revolution in the medicine and surgical field, encompassing all micro and macro level treatments right from ophthalmology to major oncology cases. Analysing technically, India is not only at par with other metros of the country but it is fairly holding the front ground amongst the other countries as well. This is because the state has multiple facilities to offer and is very well cost-effective as compared to other parts of the world. It’s been well observed that the quality of healthcare that the skilful doctors pass on to the patients is highly satisfactory amongst the lot and as a result this influences a lot of mouth to mouth publicity and cross reference treatments. However, one of the major factors that suffice all the aspects of medical enhancement in the state is the easy availability of super-specialists and a wide network of highly skilled and educated team of professionals. Over the years, it’s not only the medicine and pharmaceutical changes that have undergone but the entire medical scene has been modernised. The therapeutic treatments, surgeries, critical care cases, nursing and hospitalisation as well as betterment in the medical instrumentation have been observed. The lack of technical knowledge and the brain drain led the lot to foreign countries like USA and Australia in acute cases to be treated efficiently. Now in the recent years, the table has been reversed.

Of Good Health and Healing

There seems to be a tremendous inflow of people, especially the NRIs and the non-resident India is who prefer to get the treatment done in India. India is settled successfully in all parts of the world capitalise their time and money to get a host of treatments done by the experts, right from dental to vision correction, from cosmetic enhancements to hip and joint replacements and from cardiac assessment to urological tests and body check-ups. Dr Mahendra Narwaria, Laparoscopic and Obesity surgeon, Asian Surgicentre, Ahmedabad, says,” It’s not only the medical field that is getting advanced and modernised but people are also becoming self-conscious about their health and looks. Patients who genuinely look forward to get treated by hook or crook either by means of internet or their profuse network find out the best medical centre and a skilled doctor to get a perfect treatment.” At a professional level there has been tremendous advancement in the surgical and operational part of the treatment. While the traditional methods of surgery are still practised as and when required majority of the healing and treatments are carried out through keyhole surgeries, which are often referred to as the open surgeries. Nowadays, scar-less surgeries are far better preferred by the people as compared to the usual therapeutic operations.
Modernised instrumentation is constantly updated in the course of surgery, and therefore everything starting from the patients’ hospitalisation, the pain, post care treatments and of course the monitory section is highly reduced. The instrumentation in high skilled surgeries get-in very quickly and are also outdated at a very fast rate and so the hospitals and healthcare centres need to be on their heels to introduce the best surgical treatments and health manoeuvring techniques.



As per a survey undertaken by experts, it is estimated that about 4 million people suffer from different kidney problems, the most common being the urinary tract infection. Kidney problem is more rampant in lower socio-economic group of people; nutritional deficiency too could be a possibly responsible factor. Similarly, people who have a hot working environment or are exposed to sun are prone to the disease. “At Devasya, we focus on carving a niche in the area of Uro-Nephrological expertise. The state-of-art healthcare abode is equipped with world class technology like thulium laser for prostate and holium laser for difficult kidney stones. Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy is also being done for cancer prostate,” says Dr. Dinesh Patel, MS & MCH in Urology, Chairman of Devasya Kidney Hospital and Laparoscopic Kidney surgeon.

Certainly, the team of medical professionals are looking forward to augment more and more proficiency not only to facilitate the performance of the treatment but also to make sure the comfort and safety level of the diseased. Yoga, meditation and other Ayurvedic solutions do prevail for curing the diseased but people still incline towards the allopathic treatment for better results and quick healing. India is very soon at the verge of performing Robotic surgeries which will boost the overall confidence of the entire therapeutic field to reach the horizons of its medical expertise.



The hectic pace of city life and the rapidly changing lifestyles are adding up to cause an alarming increase in the incidence of heart attacks among the upwardly mobile youth. How you think, feel and live your life affects your heart. Unhealthy food habits and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and a chain of problems. However, workingout or adopting a disciplined exercise regimen can help in keeping weight in check. We all know the risk factors that could lead to a heart attack. However, many of us choose to ignore them, conveniently forgetting their long-term consequences. “Studies have shown that Indians are at a far greater risk of heart disease than most other nationalities. In fact we are 4 times more likely to have a heart attack than our Western counterparts. The good thing is that we CAN do something about it. NRGs are Indians first by heart and soul and we at Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad have a Billion Hearts Beating as a preventive program and a Golden Hour Management of Heart Attack as a therapeutic program. We are committed to spread the awareness that heart disease is avoidable and even reversible.

I want NRGs to carry back this message that ‘we care’! To promote this we have Apollo Gp stall No G 14 at the India Shining and also at the theme pavilion of Heathcare section at the exhibition hall,” says Dr Praful B Pawar, CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital offering superlative services in line with international patient care standards. “India has the highest burden of Coronary artery disease. It causes 3 million deaths/ year, accounting for 25% of all mortality in India. Being the no. 1 killer it is essential that we detect and treat Heart Attack in the most timely fashion. ‘Time is Muscle’ and the sooner a heart attack is treated the more heart muscle one can save, saving many lives in the process. Thus the concept of ‘The Golden Hour’ that is the first hour after onset of symptoms where the patient can derive the maximum benefit if treated. Wasting no time after the slightest suspicion of a heart attack, everyone-including the patient himself, those present with the patient, the ambulance staff, and the doctors in the hospital should act swiftly, such that treatment is initiated on time. The symptoms of a heart attack – chest pain, breathlessness, suffocation, sweating, or a sudden collapse should be taken seriously! If they are, the golden hour could well be the hour between life and death,” says Dr Sameer Dani, Director, Department of Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals.

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