5 Common Causes that Mess up your Erections

5 Common Causes that Mess up your Erections

There are numerous factors that can affect your sex life. What’s worse are the factors that can prevent you from enjoying the sex life you desire, mainly because you cannot seem to sustain an erection. Well, we all have been there where a minor issue wrecked an amazing time planned with the significant other.

5 Common Causes that Mess up your Erections

To understand how to sustain an erection must go hand in hand with understanding the science behind the erection. An erection can be summarized as a response that makes the penis become hard through high blood flow that comes into the penis from other parts of the body. Testosterone goes hand in hand with the increased blood flow. However, if the production of testosterone is screwed, there will be very little erections if any. Various factors such as being overweight or smoking van cause one to be unable to sustain erections. However, there are those things that piss you off and cause you to lose your erection in an instant. Below are some of the common causes shown to mess up your erections.

1. Grocery Receipts

Well, you must have seen the common type of printouts that you get at the grocery store or even convenience store. Researchers have shown that most of these receipts do contain very high levels of bisphenol-A, commonly referred to as BPA. This is a chemical that causes men to increase the production of female hormone estrogen. According to a study performed by Kaiser Permanente, the concoction of high estrogen as well as other BPA hormonal changes, your hardness is the hardest hit. Most of the receipts coming from the laser printed machines, be it at airports, the atm or even lottery tickets come with a high dose of BPA and ought to be avoided. Other known sources with high BPA levels include canned foods as well as hard plastics. To stay safe, try to avoid what you can of the known BPA sources and maybe try digital receipts.

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2. Crappy Shuteye

If you sleep for less than 5 hours a night, then you can have significantly lower erections as opposed to a person that sleeps more than 5 hours. A study done at the University of Chicago on people who slept less than 5 hours every day for a week showed that their testosterone levels had sank by at least 10%. Adequate sleep of at least 7 – 8 hours allows for sufficient production of testosterone. Lack of enough sleeps means that there is a reduced testosterone production and ultimately problems of erectile dysfunction.

3. A Baby in your Bedroom

People sleeping in close proximity to their new born children may be detrimental to your testosterone production. A study performed by researchers from Northern Western University as well as Notre dame showed that people sleeping in close proximity to young children had a reduction of testosterone production of up to 7 %, thus the reason why you might not be able to sustain erections. More to this, testosterone slump might also be attributed to the disrupted sleep you may get if your young one wakes you up at odd hours of the night, as you may be lacking the adequate rest needed for optimum production of testosterone.

4. A Lot of Pavement Pounding

If you run more than 40 miles in a week, you might want to cut back on the number. Running 40 or any more miles can make you lose up to 17% in the production of testosterone. This is from a study performed by the University of British Columbia. According to the study, the physical exercise you engage in if done in excess can cause a massive drop in the production of hormone producing glands as the link between the brain and producing gland is disrupted, thus the reason most long distance runners have low testosterone levels.

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5. Alcohol

Well, there has been a lot of evidence collected to show that alcohol, be it wine, beer, rum or even scotch have estrogen inducing agents that lower testosterone levels. This is according to a study performed by the University of Oklahoma. Respondents who just had 2 drinks in a day reposted having a slump in the production of testosterone. Avoid alcohol intake if you desire to enjoy a consistent as well as rock hard erection.

If you desire to sustain strong erections, it is highly advisable that you look at the various methods that can boost testosterone levels naturally. There are numerous methods that would range from healthy food, to herbs that can help you sustain rock hard erections. In case you face consistent erection loss, it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor who can perform various medical tests on you and offer you the best remedies you can pursue to enjoy hard and long lasting erections.

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