Erectile Dysfunction – Medication List

Best Ways to Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

A Brief Overview On Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is also known as ED and it is a medical condition that affects men. This condition is defined by a man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable enough for sexual intercourse. Many factors typically lead to ED and they could include chronic illness, exhaustion, poor blood flow to the penis and/or drinking too much alcohol.

Best Ways to Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Men that experience erectile dysfunction over a long period of time could be diagnosed as being impotent. This type of condition could not only affect a man’s physical and sexual health it could also increase his stress levels, create relationship problems or lower his self-esteem. In some instances Erectile Dysfunction could cause a male to develop mental health issues.

Sometimes ED is caused by other more serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes that is not being properly controlled. Men who experience issues with impotence should have their bodies diagnosed and treated for these diseases if they are present. Once treatment has been administered it could reverse the condition of ED.

Un-Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

There are a variety of different treatments that doctors or physicians prescribe for ED. They include sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn). Other treatment options for this problem are Alprostadil and testosterone replacement

Viagra is the commercial name of a drug called sildenafil. This particular substance works only when a man is sexually aroused and it cannot be used to stimulate a man’s sexual desire.Read more about Viagra.

Tadafil also known as Cialis works by releasing chemicals into a person’s body that are necessary for achieving an erection. Once this happen a man should be able to stay erect long enough for sexual intercourse.

Vardenafil is also commonly referred to as Levitra and Staxyn and it is a common drug that is also used for helping men to achieve an erection. Verdenafil works by controlling an enzyme that is commonly present inside a male’s penis when he is aroused. All three of three of these drugs work by relaxing the muscles in a man’s penis. Once the muscles are relaxed greater blood flow is possible which ultimately leads to an erection.

Alprostadil works in one of two different ways for men with ED. Alprostadil can be self-injected into the penis which will help it to stay erect for about an hour. There is also a suppository form Alprostadil that can be planted inside of the tip or opening of a male’s penis. Once the suppository has been inserted into a man’s penis he should be able to have an erection for up to an hour.

Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Natural remedies can also be used to treat problems with ED. Natural male enhancements such as Virectin, Androzene, Vigrx plus and PHGH are different types of natural male enhancement products that is able to help males with their problems with maintaining an erections.

Virectin is a natural male enhancement product that contains the ingredients niacin, Selenium and Tribulus. Each of these ingredients increases sex hormones, sperm levels and libido. Apparently, Virectin product just uses all natural products and does not have any known negative side effects or none that have been reported.

Androzene has a lot of solid ingredients such as zinc, calcium and Yaurine that are designed to help men to increase their sexual performance. Androzene natural male enhancer does not contain any known side effects but the ingredient Yohimbe which is included in the product is known to affect men with conditions such as high blood pressure, liver problems and chest pain.

Vigrx Plus has the same natural ingredients as most other male enhancement treatments. People who have used this product claim that it is effective for achieving a long lasting erection. However, some people reported that Vigrx Plus caused them restlessness, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, allergic reaction and restlessness. People are strongly encouraged to contact a doctor before taking this pill.

PHGH is a male enhancement formula that contains Tongkat Ali, L-Arganine and L-Carnitine. All three of these ingredients increase testosterone and decrease stress. PHGH works pretty well according to many reports but it does have some side effects. These side effects include stomach issues and headaches. Gas and intestinal problems can also result from the use of this drug.

Ultimately, each person with ED should consult their doctors to figure out which treatment is best suited for their situation. People with erectile dysfunction should keep in mind that many natural male enhancements have not been tested or researched by qualified or approved medical professionals. People who suffer from ED should only take treatments that have been prescribed by their doctors or physicians.


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