Most Men With Erectile Dysfunction Don’t Seem To Get Treatment

Most men take pride in their ability to have solid erections and keep them lasting, but once a man discovers he has erectile dysfunction, sometimes that makes it so he doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it: their family, their significant other, or even their doctor. 15 to 30 million men in America alone have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, and 75% of them choose not to seek treatment.

Why Men Should Seek Treatment

In Dallas, Texas, an economic erectile dysfunction treatment has been discovered. It is convenient for all lifestyles, all ages, all weights, for any man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Despite this advancement in erectile dysfunction treatment, most men who suffer from erectile dysfunction still don’t seek medical help. Instead of medical help, most men seek temporary solutions, such as lotions, pills, and various types of over-the-counter medication. These solutions are a temporary, quick fix, but they do not battle the underlying cause. The only rational step a man can take to cure his erectile dysfunction, is to drop his pride for a short period of time and seek medical help from a urologist, that is, if he wants to conquer his erectile dysfunction permanently.


When Should Men Seek Treatment

Right when erectile dysfunction begins to take a toll on one’s sexual performance and affects one’s psychological factors, or affects one’s partner’s physical and emotional satisfaction, is when one should seek medical assistance.

What Treatments Are Available?

If the case of erectile dysfunction isn’t severe, most doctors will suggest that patients do one or more of these 7 things:

  • Stop smoking recreational drugs
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep for at least 7 hours at night
  • Limit alcohol usage
  • Get medication for anxiety or depression
  • Reduce or quit smoking

But when cases of erectile dysfunction are severe, doctors normally provide more extensive treatment.
For mental health cases, when one’s mental health stops them from having an erection, usually doctors suggest that they seek help from psychological services and usually refer them to a psychologist.

For physical issues, a wide variety of treatments are available for use, including medications such as Viagra. Sometimes, men can even receive hormone therapy to help balance their testosterone levels and therefore fix their erectile dysfunction, or penile prosthesis to help them get erections.

Viagra Steps Up

Most timid men are afraid to consult their doctors about erectile dysfunction, and most of these men would want Viagra to be prescribed to them. Now, Viagra has agreed to begin to sell their pills online (for quite a sum of money, though) so the pills can reach men who are too afraid to speak to their doctors. Most online drugs that a man sees popping up in advertisements on the side of their page are counterfeit pills 77% of the time.

Viagra, although their pills are authentic and are proven to work, will be offering their pills for up to $25.00 per pill through online sales. This could either frustrate men, or cause them to try and seek treatment for their erectile dysfunction to avoid the high price. When getting the prescription pill, 65% of men with medical insurance were 100% covered on all costs when receiving their prescription for Viagra. It’s either embarrassment or more money spent for men who shy away from erectile dysfunction treatment.

Why Do Some Men Go To The Doctor, but Still Not Receive Treatment?

A year-round study conducted from June 2010 through July 2011 conducted by Dr. Brian Helfand, an assistant clinical professor of urology the University of Chicago and Northshore University Health System, proved that only 25% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are actually treated. Helfand examined nearly 6.2 million medical records of men who had erectile dysfunction, and discovered that:

  • Only 18% of men ages 65 or older had received treatment.
  • Only 15% of men with prostate cancer were treated.

Some men may not be bothered by the idea of going to the doctor and getting treatment for their erectile dysfunction, but instead, some doctors may be under treating their patients and not offering them any sort of medication. Patients could also be receiving prescriptions, but not going to the pharmacy to fill them, due to embarrassment. The cost of the pills if a man isn’t insured or doesn’t have insurance that covers the cost, could also prevent men from receiving medication for their erectile dysfunction.

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