YES! Men have G-spots too

YES! Men have G-spots too – Till now we thought you could go G-spotting on a woman alone. But hey, ladies, men have G-spots as well? Read on to find out where…


Do men have G-spots too?

Yes. It is his prostate gland. It’s just that it often remains unexplored! Says model Jas Arora, ‘‘One always thought that men do not have G-Spots. But with society getting liberal about sex, the boom of the cyber world and western knowledge pouring into the country it’s high time that we know all about male sexuality.’’ Adds actor Vinod Sherawat of Zubeida fame, ‘‘I never knew that I could have a G-Spot, but now it is scientifically known that even men have GSpots. It puts us at par with the opposite sex. Women, it’s pay back time!’’ Hit him right on the spot… you can!

YES! Men have G-spots too


Does SHE know HIS G-Spot?

When in bed, a man not only expects his lady to know where IT lies, but also wants her to explore it. Says Sherawat, ‘‘It is highly important for her to know where the turn-on factor lies or else the gentleman shall not perform and the curtain will fall much more in advance.’’ Mind you… it ain’t just about performing, but also lasting long. ‘‘Knowing a partner’s erogenous zones is what determines the turn-on cycle. Levels of curiosity (to find the zone) and confidence of the body and self (once you’ve found the zone) is what helps sexual partners take a walk on the wild side,’’ exclaims ad man Prahlad Kakkar. In fact, some feel that the I-know-where-it-lies factor can help build stronger bonds. In the words of Arora, ‘‘In this date and time, it is very important for a lady to know what turns a man on or off. Relationships last longer if one knows EVERYTHING about their partner.’’

Does HE know HIS G-Spot?

While onthe one hand most men claim that women do not know where the male erogenous zone lies, ‘I do’ is the word when it comes to their awareness of the self. Says actor Shawar Ali, ‘‘Women do not know where IT lies. Nor do they try to explore it. But I for sure know where my erogenous zone is — my inner thighs. In most cases, we need to guide our partners to that zone. Adds wedding planner Amrish Pershad, ‘‘If you do not know which part of your body turns you on the most when touched, how can you expect satisfaction at the end of the act. I’ve known men (including me) for whom the gymtoned, shaven chests when touched takes them to heights of eroticism.’’ As for Sherawat, spotting ‘‘just one out of my 150 erogenous zone can make all that difference.’’

However, recent research proves that most men do not know for themselves what could turn them on. ‘‘This is because right from childhood through adolescence, the Indian male is not made to familiarise himself with his sexual side. Sex is always seen as something taboo unlike in the West where sexual explorations are considered a healthy experience. Here, sex is done only to procreate than be treated as a medium of pleasure,’’ reasons modelturned-actor Aryan Vaid.

Desi man kya mangta?

But then, does a woman need to know all about her partner’s erogenous zone before getting into the act? Well, not really! For, our desi Indian men believe in giving their partners time to explore. Says Sherawat, ‘‘Who said Indian women are not good at discovering their man’s Gspot all by their own? The very fact that we live in the land of the Kamasutra shows that women have enjoyed and reciprocated equally to a man’s sexual need and if given a chance can make a man go crazy.’’ Adds actor Emraan Hashmi, ‘‘To say that men prefer Western women to Indian women in bed just because they are bolder would be wrong. After all, our women are beautiful and well shaped. It’s just that they haven’t come out of the closet and explored the unexplored.
Not to forget the intensity of feeling. ‘‘Both the Indian man and woman need a makeover in bed. They need to realise that the intensity of a relationship is more important than keeping a count of the act itself,’’ says Kakkar. In fact, it’s mutual interaction that sums it up. Says Vaid, ‘‘I think, both the partners need to know about each others erogenous zones. Only then can the act of sex be a fulfilling experience.’’
So ladies… the next time you want to turn your man on, just find out where his G-Spot lies. For, unless you put your finger on that pulse, the perfect act will elude you.

G-SPOT defined

The popular name comes from Dr Grafenberg, the man who discovered the female erogenous zone. It is a nickel size tissue that is located in the vagina of a female. In men, the magic male part is the prostrate.

More male E-zones

  • His Ears
    USP: Bundles of nerve endings in and around the ears make them ultra sensitive to touch.
  • His Lips
    USP: Lips are sensitive and for men it is easy to get him aroused just by kissing. Kissing lets him know that there is (probably) more “good stuff” ahead and that starts his mind fantasizing.
  • His Neck
    USP: The neck is always a great place to turn on your partner. There are several things to keep in mind here, most importantly controlling yourself.
  • His Scalp
    USP: The scalp can be very sensitive to stimulation, and since he’s probably not expecting you to give any attention to it, surprise him by massaging or lightly scratching it.
  • His Chest
    USP: To many men, the chest is one of their favourite body parts. To appreciate it is to appreciate the man.
  • His Inner Thighs
    USP: Inner thighs are always a great place to turn your partner on, as they don’t get touched much during every day life.

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