Patient Experience – Erectile Dysfunction Penile Implant Surgery in India

Mr. Jeffery from United States Penile Implant Surgery done in India

Hi! I am Jeffery from the United States. I was suffering from penis erectile dysfunction since past few years. I left no stone unturned to treat this problem trying various medications and other options, however, nothing really worked in my favour. I was badly disturbed by this ailment and was in a   search of something tangible, which can make me free from this disease. I was recommended with a surgery back in the US, however, considering the whopping amount, I almost gave hope to fix my problem. Luckily, one my old friends too had the same problem and he went to India for the required surgery. He shared his incredible experience of having a Penile implant surgery in India.

Initially, I found the idea weird; however, after researching over the web, I was convinced that this is the best way out for my problem, which comes in the form of getting the required treatment at throw away prices as compared to the ones charged in the US. I treaded the path as shown by my friend and went all the way to India for the said surgery. Now, I am back to my place, all most getting rid of this problem once for all. Now, I find my decision for Penile implant surgery in India to be one of the best solution and highly recommend the same to others as well.


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