The AMS AmbicorTM Inflatable Penile Prosthesis is among the most simple, skilled and experienced kind of options for the physicians in order to implant and even for a wide range of patients to operate. This cylinder simply helps in inflating with a couple of squeezes one, while the deflation is among the simplest option as manually being bending over the downward direction of the penis.


Brief Device Description

The AMS Ambicor Penile Prosthesis can be called as a closed nkid of fluid-filled system, which carries two different implanted components – including a pair of cylinders that is seen getting implanted to the corpora cavernosa, along with using a pump, which is implanted over the organ called scrotum. The Kinkresistant tubing can be easily connected to these components. These device are then seen getting delivered over the prefilled along with certain normal saline, which is pre-connected. These cylinders discovered over them are simply inflated like any fluid, which is seen getting pumped from the reservoirs that are seen getting located over the proximal end of these cylinders, in order to find the key portion of the cylinder, which causes erection. These are then seen making it deflated like any fluid, which is then transferred back to reservoirs at the end and the ones seeking the help in making your penis flaccid once again. This device is simply seen having the solid silicone elastomer.

All these devices are usually seen with a purpose for men who after getting a right patient history and diagnostic evaluations with the consultation of urologist about the alternative treatment options are seen making them fixed for the ideal candidate for implants.


Features + Benefits

The High-pressure cylinder simply helps in adding the right amount of support for all the ED patients seeking the help of Peyronie’s disease2

The Snap-fit Rear Tip Extenders is a popular option also called as the RTEs are seen adding the length to the proximal cylinder end of 0.5 to 7.5 cm (excluding 7.0 cm) in 0.5 cm increments for a secured kind of customized fit.

Diameter: 12.5 mm, 14.0 mm, and 15.5 mm

Length: 14.0 cm, 16.0 cm, 18.0 cm, 20.0 cm, and 22.0 cm

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