Erectile Dysfunction – What You Should Know About It?

Erectile Dysfunction – What You Should Know About It?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems in men and it usually starts at the age of 40. Studies have shown that approximately 70% of men who are above 70 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. There are many treatment options that can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and this includes implants, medications, surgery and pumps. However, studies indicate that most men prefer to use the natural options because they have fewer side effects as compared to the other options.

Erectile Dysfunction – What You Should Know About It?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the man is not able to get or sustain an erection that is firm enough to enable him to perform sexual intercourse. When one is not able to get an erection from time to time is not a cause for concern but when it is an ongoing problem then one is no encouraged to seek help.

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What Happens Under Normal Conditions?

The penis is the male sexual organ and it is made up of two tubes that are sponge like and they are called corpus cavernosa. When the man is sexually aroused, the nerves respond by increasing blood supply to the chambers. This causes the penis to expand, stiffen and straighten and this causes an erection.

How Does An Erection Occur?

When a man is not aroused sexually, the penis is limp, flaccid and soft. When one is aroused sexually, the nerve impulse causes a release of chemicals that increase blood supply to the penis. This causes the penis to expand and become firm thus causing an erection.

What Are The Risk Factors For Ed?

The common risk factors of ED are diabetes, hypertension, and increased cholesterol, smoking, heart conditions and increased age above 50. This conditions leads to the degeneration of the blood vessels in the penis over time and this leads to restriction of the flow of blood in the penis. This may cause a leakage of blood to the veins when one is having an erection therefore causing ED.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

The causes of ED include physical, psychological and medical factors. The medical and physical factors include reduced blood flow to the penis, inability of the penis to store blood when it is erect and inability of the nerve signals from the spinal cord and the brain to reach the penile tissue. Psychological factors include depression, stress and anxiety.

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

The men who suffer from ED present with inability to get and sustain an erection and a decrease in sexual desire and libido.

Who Gets Ed?

Studies indicate that approximately half of the American men who are above 40 years suffer from ED. Most people who suffer from ED have increased age and other physical conditions that are a major contributing factor to ED. ED is usually a warning sign of underlying conditions like hypertension, Diabetes and heart conditions.

How is ED Diagnosed?

ED is usually diagnosed by a medical professional or an urologist. This will require a physical examination, blood tests and a medical history. The medical history entails the underlying conditions that might be contributing to the condition. The physical examination entails the overall physical and health condition. This will include checking the penis, testicles, blood pressure and the prostate.

What Are The Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction (Ed)?

Surgical Treatments
This mode of treatment is advocated for the patients who suffer from severe ED. The patient can have a reconstructive surgery of the penis where there is placement of an Penile Implant or prosthesis. This will help the patient to be able to sustain an erection and have 90% success rate.

Non-surgical Treatments
This includes using oral medications like Viagra, levitra, Ed1000 and tadalafil that help to increase the blood flow to the penis. These pills are taken before a sexual activity and they act by relaxing the muscle cells located in the penis and this causes an increase in the flow of blood.

Natural Treatment
the natural treatments of ED include the use of herbs like Rhodiola Rosea and Panax Ginseng. This herbs act by increasing the activity of the heart and this increases the blood flow to the penis. This makes one to be able to get and sustain an erection.

Unnatural Treatments
This is where the patient is treated using artificial pills that are not natural. This includes Viagra, sildenafil and cialis that act by increasing cardiac activity. This in turn makes one to be able to get and sustain an erection.

What Can Be Expected After Treatment?

The different modes of treatment are usually temporary and they are not able to correct the underlying cause of ED except reconstructive Penile Implant surgery using prosthesis. It is advisable to explore the different alternatives of treatment that are available together with the doctor.


ED is common in men who are above 40 years and the incidence increase with increased age. There are many different options of treatment to include surgical and non-surgical treatment. It is advisable for the men who suffer from this condition, to seek professional help.


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