Penile Prostheses Offer Safe, Long-Term Erectile Dysfunction Solution

Phil Shulka is a retired Naval Corpsman who served in the Naval Reserve from 1969 to 1970 and was stationed in Guantanamo Bay on the USS Rich (DD-820). Phil also attended Naval Corps School in Great Lakes Illinois. He has led an active life, exercised regularly and was rarely sick.

Phil Shulka is a retired Naval Corpsman done Penile Prostheses surgery after prostate cancer

At age 55, Phil had a routine blood test that detects prostate specific antigen (PSA) in blood. PSA is supposed to be in the prostate, not in blood. Phil said, “If you have an unusual amount of PSA in the blood, that means that something is going on and you need a biopsy. I did have a biopsy done at age 55, but back then, they only did six samples and hoped that they would hit something. The test missed it. I went home; fat, dumb and

happy, thinking okay, I’m fine.”

Four years later, Phil’s wife reminded him that he was due for a physical. Part of the physical included another PSA blood test. “At age 60, I scheduled the physical and PSA test. If a PSA has a value above four, it is something to watch. If it is above ten, it is considered bad. If it is above 20, it is very bad. My PSA came back at 30 and they found that my cancer was already outside

of my prostate, invading the seminal vesicle.”

Phil chose the most aggressive treatment available, which kept the cancer under control for many years. Phil said, “I suffered the side effects that most men are worried about. My cancer had compromised the nerves that are responsible for getting an erection. Pills would not work and I never tried the injections. Instead, I went in for the penile implant Surgery. Everything is done internal, so you do not see it. You could be in a locker room and nobody will know you have it. If you had prostate surgery before, the nerves that cause erections may have been severed, but the nerves that cause sensations are still there so you can still experience everything, including orgasm.

Phil Shukla is now a two-time prostate cancer survivor and a certified prostate cancer recovery coach. “The penile implant is a game changer because you can act with a moment’s notice. There is nothing to

inject. There is nothing that you need to put around yourself, it is all internal and discreet. If you feel that this can be a game changer for your life, investigate and find a doctor who is competent. Life is short, get as much as you can out of life.”

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