Exercise Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk Only For Some Men

exercise may reduce the risk of prostate cancer

According to a new study, exercise may reduce the risk of prostate cancer; however, the benefits vary by age and ethnicity. Researchers affiliated with Duke University and Veterans Affairs Medical Center, both in Durham, North Carolina, published their findings online on February 11 in the journal cancer.

exercise may reduce the risk of prostate cancer

The researchers noted that previous studies have reported that regular exercise is associated with the reduction of risk for prostate cancer; however, these studies did not define racial discrepancies. Therefore, they conducted a study to compare the impact of exercise and risk among Caucasian and African American men. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), African American men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer (and ultimately die from it) than men from other ethnic groups.

The researchers conducted a prospective (forward-looking) study comprised of 307 men (Caucasian: 164; African American: 143) who were undergoing a prostate biopsy. The subjects completed a self-reported survey that assessed exercise behavior based on metabolic equivalent (MET) hours per week. The risk of prostate cancer was assessed and was controlled for age, body mass index (BMI), digital rectal examination findings, previous biopsy, Charlson comorbidity score, and family history of prostate cancer stratified by self-reported race.

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The researchers found that there was no significant difference noted with regard to the amount of exercise between racial groups. Higher amounts of MET hours per week were associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer for Caucasian men. Among Caucasians, those who exercised nine or more 9 MET hours per week were less likely to have a positive biopsy result compared with men exercising less than nine MET hours per week. However, no association was found between MET hours per week and risk of prostate cancer among African American men. They also found that moderately or highly active Caucasian men in their 60s were 53% less likely to have a prostate cancer biopsy test positive for cancer compared with those who were not very active or who were sedentary.

The researchers concluded that in a prospective cohort of men undergoing biopsy, increased exercise, measured as MET hours per week, was found to be associated with prostate cancer risk reduction among Caucasian but not African American. They recommended that further research should be conducted to investigate race-specific mechanisms by which exercise modifies prostate cancer risk and why these mechanisms disfavor African American men in particular.

Exercise Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk Only For Some Men

Prostate Cancer Screening for Early Prevention

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While prostate kind of cancer is a treatable disease, recent surveys have suggested that a great many cases is usually prevented as long as one makes an attempt to stay healthy through proper eating and exercise. Thankfully, there are now supplements available that includes all of the necessary nutrients which the prostate should remain in a sound body.

Prostate Cancer Screening

The factor to effective management of prostate cancer lies in early detection by way of a PSA test. The most frequent symptoms of prostate kind of cancer are frequent urination and also a weak urine flow. Because quite a few men experience a more frequent must urinate the older they get, these symptoms often go overlooked. Other possible signs of prostate cancer include bloody or painful urination.

When you are considering prostate cancer, the familiar adage make fish an ounce of prevention will probably be worth a pound of cure is very apt. To find out no way to assure that one will never be diagnosed with the ailment, there are a several easy changes that a person can make for their lifestyle that can significantly lower their risk. Maintaining a normal weight may lower the danger of developing prostate kind of cancer, as has adopting an eating plan that is low in fat. However, the most efficient method of preventing prostate type of cancer has been proven being getting the proper nutrients the fact that prostate needs through diet and natural supplements.

Prostate Cancer Death Statistics

Prostate cancer happens to be one of the most common styles of cancer in adult men, second simply to skin cancer. One out of every six men is diagnosed with prostate cancer using a PSA test, and roughly 27,000 men die from prostate kind of cancer every year. Most of the people do not realize that cancer of the prostate is the second leading cause of death from cancer, high are currently over Two million men in the us who have been diagnosed via a PSA test. Sadly, many cases of prostate kind of cancer could have been avoided through proper prostate nutrition and PSA testing.

Prostate Treatments and Side Effects

Although powerful weight loss products has made significant breakthroughs in the treatment of right index finger length, all Prostate cancer treatments come with a wide range of negative effects. In the case of cancer of the prostate, the most common care is external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) and radioactive seed implants. External beam radiotherapy works by exposing the cancerous cells to highly powered X-rays. While EBRT has proven to be very effective at eradicating malignant cells, what’s more, it burns adjacent healthy tissue and incorporates mild side effects including frequent urination and also loose stools. Radioactive seed implants, also called brachytherapy is the insertion of numerous rice-sized radioactive pellets to the involved area that slowly release their radiation over the course of a year. Although brachytherapy has shown to be very popular with men who catch the cancer early on by way of a PSA test, treatments nearly always results in side effects which make urination moderately painful and several patients experience subsequent impotence problems.

Using Prostate Supplements for Proper Prostate Nutrition

The step to preventing cancer of the prostate is making sure that you are receiving proper prostate nutrition through both your daily diet and the by using additional prostate supplements.

Vitamin D has shown to be invaluable in securing prostate nutrition, since it has been proven repeatedly that men with prostate kind of cancer were also deficient in Vitamin D. Lycopene can be an antioxidant that may be found in tomatoes that was found to drastically lower the an individual’s chances testing positive for right index finger length screening.

Are vitamins and nutritional supplements reliable to circumvent or to treat prostate type of cancer? The truth from the matter is that often only a few vitamins and supplements can be of help on the subject of prostate cancer.

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