8 Ways to Get a Man to Commit and know if he is Really into the Relationship

8 Ways to Get a Man to Commit and know if he is Really into the Relationship

Women continue to search the internet for information on how to tell if a man is ready to commit or not. Here are 8 ways for a woman to take charge of her own life and decide if the man she likes is right for her.

8 Ways to Get a Man to Commit and know if he is Really into the Relationship

1 – A woman that loves her body is a sexy woman.

From time to time a woman may not always like the way she looks, but for the most part learning to love her body will show that she accepts herself and is comfortable with herself. When a woman loves her body she is open to a man loving her body as well and most men find this extremely sexy. If the man she likes is not that into her body or wants her to change herself for him then he may not the right one for her.

2 – A confident woman can be very attractive to a man.

There is nothing sexier in both a man and a woman than having self-confidence. Confidence shows that a woman can make decisions for herself and stick to it. If a man does not respect a woman’s decisions then that may be a red flag that he is not right for her.

3 – A woman that has her own dreams and goals in life shows her uniqueness.

A woman that is independent and has her own dreams and goals will make her more interesting and well rounded. When a woman gets too caught up in a man’s goals and dreams and sacrifices it for her own she can become too dependent on him. When a man is interested in hearing about a woman’s dreams and goals he is showing her that her cares about her, if a man is not interested in her goals and dreams then he may not be that into her.

4 – A woman that can show affection to a man is a loving woman.

Men love it when a woman they care about shows them affection by initiating touch, kissing, holding hands, ect. When a woman initiates affection she will know if a man is into her. A man that is into her will initiate back and respond to her loving touch in a positive way. If a woman initiates touch and a man is constantly pulling away or does not initiate touch back this may be a sign that he is not that into her.

5 – When a woman gives a man compliments she shows that she is interested in him.

Men like to know that the woman he likes is also is into him. When she can complement him in ways that show she is attracted to him, desires him and appreciates him most men will love the attention. When a woman gives a man compliments it shows him that she cares for him and is confident with herself. If the man gives compliments to her as well it will show that he is into her. If he rarely gives compliments, especially after she has been giving him compliments then he may not be that into her or he may not be confident with himself.


6 – A woman that has her own interests will allow a man to come to her.

Women who have activities, hobbies or girlfriends that they have a routine with, will allow a man to come to her. A woman that is always available and ready to be with a man, she will never really know if a man wants to be with her or is just seeing her when he has nothing else to do. If a man really wants to be with a woman he will let her know and make time for her around her schedule. Once the relationship is more established a couple can spend more time with each other, but in the early stages of a relationship it is important that a woman to still to have a “life” of her own.


7 – A woman who shows a man what she likes instead of expecting him to read her mind gives him the information to make her happy.

When a woman can show a man what she likes then he will know how to please her instead of trying to read her mind. Once a woman shows a man what she likes, if follows her suggestions or at least tries too then he is into the relationship. If he knows what she likes and continues to do his own thing then he may not really care for her. Men like to please the women that they are into and will go the extra mile to do so when they are shown what to do and what she likes. If he clearly knows what she likes and chooses to do the opposite or seems not to care then he is not that into the woman.


8 – A woman who knows when to back away from a man will allow him to come to her.

Men respond better to distance then nagging or smothering. If he is constantly doing something that is upsetting her even after being told that it is upsetting then it is best to distance oneself. This is difficult for most women to do because they want to resolve the problem right away, but many times it is best to take a short break and see how the man responds. If a man is really into a woman then he is going to want to be around her, as well as want her to be happy with him and will make an effort to work on the issue instead of avoiding it.

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