Hope For Long-Distance Relationships

Hope For Long-Distance Relationships

So, who do you think would be worth it to leave a long-distance relationship with love that summer? How many times have others told you that a distant combination is doomed to failure? But, there may be good news for soul mates who are separated by geography. Recent research has shown that these frustrating predictions of failure may not hold true for all distant romances. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Communication (2013), sometimes such relationships are stronger and more intimate.

Listing dating couples, Crystal Jiang of the University of Hong Kong and Jeffrey Hancock of Cornell University were asked to report on their daily contact. Some of these couples live together, while others are separated from a considerable distance. The authors of the study were asked to provide information about their interactions, the people involved, and those caused by their electronic gadgets. The researchers asked participants to rate their intimacy and the intimacy their partner enjoyed.

The results undermine common sense. Distance couples seemed to share more information about their lives than those who lived close to each other. He made the behavior of his peers more ideal. All this enhances emotional intimacy for most couples who live apart from each other.

If you are going to connect by telephone or Skype, you need to talk to each other. Dead airspace is strange. A couple can often talk to each other if they are sitting together in the TV watching room or feel physically close.

According to Jiang, “Our culture, of course, emphasizes physical and frequent face-to-face contact for close relationships, but long-distance relationships stand out against all these values. People need long-distance romance. So don’t be pessimistic about it. Strive desperately to inform and their efforts pay back. ”

So do not once again embrace the love of the summer, the love of your life, or your life-changing love for a new job. According to this study, it works very well.

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