Long-distance marriage: How to keep the flames of love alive

Long-distance marriage: How to keep the flames of love alive

If you think long-distance relationship is hard, brace yourself. It gets even harder when it turns into a long-distance marriage. Distance is a reality that some modern couples have to face especially when their partner’s work takes them away from home for long periods of time. So how do spouses keep the flames of love alive despite the miles and seas separating them? Every couple may differ in their ways of doing so but their goal is the same–to keep the fires of their marriage burning steadily, bright and strong.

Long-distance marriage: How to keep the flames of love alive


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Handwritten Letters

One way how long-distance marriages can work is to keep the romance alive. Handwritten letters or cards are a lovely gesture that will never fail to make your wife or husband happy, especially if they come as a surprise. Gestures like this are becoming rare especially since people live in a mobile age where most prefer to communicate through text, call or email. It’s communication in an instant, but where’s the romance in that? A little old-fashioned romance goes a long way to keeping your love alive despite the vast distance.

Words of Affirmation

Actions do speak louder than words but sometimes, women also need to hear words of love for affirmation. If words and actions are done in tandem, they can be a wonderful complement for each other. If your husband is a man of a few words, all the more that a wife will cherish the rare times that he says he loves her. It’s not in how often you say “I love you” but how sincerely you mean those three words when you say them.

Quality Time

Lack of time and communication is one of the common factors why long-distance relationships fail. Conflicting time zones and busy schedules have often wrecked havoc on the physical, emotional and mental state of couples in LDR that in the end, they just give up. But those in long distance marriages are on a higher level and must work doubly hard to keep their promise of “till death do us part.”

No matter how busy each spouse may be, spending quality time together is a must. Aside taking time off to travel together, they should also keep in touch constantly whether it is through text, email or online chats. Make the most of video call applications like Skype and Viber or Facetime. If you want an even more intimate conversation experience, go for video conference systems like Polycom.

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Marriage is hard work but like Ben Affleck said before, “it’s the best kind of work” especially when you have the best partner.

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