Reclaiming The Sacred In Sex

Reclaiming The Sacred In Sex

There is a time when the act of sex and love is considered sacred. It is the gift of the Goddess and is thus revered and considered a part of life. Both men and women are specially trained male or female to be introduced into the sacred ritual. By these customs a young or young woman has become a responsible adult and is now ready to contribute to the whole community.

Since the temples were built in honor of the gods, the temple priest was given the initiation charge. Some women were trained to become temple prostitutes, whose main role was to return men to perfection after war and to reconnect with their souls and hearts. These women danced to power and came through the goddess. The way he personally came out became a vehicle to flow through the power of the goddess.

The Primary offerings of the sacred harlot to the Goddess in the Temple of Love welcomed her as a stranger, and she was considered the messenger of the gods or perhaps the incarnation of God. If she was a young woman, she would have taken the initiative in the mysteries of her female sexuality under the auspices of the Goddess. Through ritual or mental development, she knows her sexuality, the spiritual side of her true sexuality, and as a “virtuous prostitute” she is a woman who fulfills it according to her personal circumstances.

The Death of The Sacred Sex

Sex was defiled as the church gradually began the apocalypse of the goddess character and everything she represented. The holy woman has changed so much from the holy to the profane, from the holy to the profane, and from the holy whore. The time has come to not worship the Goddess; The physical and spiritual aspects of womanhood are badly proclaimed. From this point on the Church’s ancestors denounced women who represented sexuality and divinity, “the manifestation of sexual passion, the cause of man’s downfall; he was tempted by evil forces and attracted to man.” (The Sacred whore) also condemned the act of sex and taught that this could only be done for the purchase of species.

Then sex became unclean and all natural bodily functions were gross, awkward and unspoken. As you know, what is forbidden becomes a prohibition, and all prohibitions are desirable. Women have been convinced for thousands of years that sexual desire is not a feminine quality and that any woman who desires sexual satisfaction is unknown and out of control. The word “whore” actually means a deep pit or hole from the Hebrew root word ‘hoar’. The Spanish word “prostitute” puta is derived from the famous Latin word, but the Latin word for tomb is “hole in the ground”, for the daughter, the rebirth of the womb. These words are not insulting for “whore”. The origin of the Latin word is Vedic, in the early Sanskrit language, in which the word puta is defined as pure and sacred. Caves, ditches, holes, and incomprehensible Kali Lake are metaphors for the great deity.

Sex Is Unclean

In Kathleen Barry’s book, The Constitution of Sexuality, “Sexual exploitation causes women to have sex with them; sex that provokes violence against women and sex reduces women to market exchanges.

I Have always considered myself a sex-positive person and an open-minded woman when it comes to sex practices, and all sorts of things that we humans “like” or find our happiness. As a sex teacher and teacher of virtuous sex and a woman who is a sex therapist, I have personally experienced what it means to be classified as a “sex worker” by culture.

Today we see the result of these beliefs that are so common in our culture. For the most part, sex has become a billion-dollar industry annually. Who sells these products? Women. It is once again a feminine body, and women, even well-paid women in the sex industry, are in favor of a system that inadvertently exploits them. Some sex workers choose what they do for its love, but these are minority women in the industry, not the majority. The prostitution of sexuality continues throughout and it is a big business so it is unlikely to change.

So what can we do, we live in a world where sex is considered fun rather than a sacred act of love. The following are the things we can do to consecrate porn from uncleanness.

  • Open to a deeper understanding of himself and be ready to see sex action as something sacred, for pleasure or for love.
  • Learn more about sacred sex, tantra and other forms of ‘high sex’, which have come back and are gaining popularity.
  • Educate your children about the sanctity of loving and having sex with your children, as well as encouraging young women to value themselves not only for their sexuality or beauty.
  • Say no to media for sexual harassment of teenage girls and boys. Join partnerships with other organizations that can help prevent this type of exploitation.
  • When you see women portrayed as sexual objects and perceived as sexual objects, do not be afraid to take action on whether it is spoken or written to the editor of the magazine.

These are some ideas and I welcome anything you have. Feel free to send us your thoughts and comments.

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