There Is More Than One Kind Of Orgasm

Tantra There Are More Different Types Of Orgasmic States

In Tantra we learn that even having an Orgasm is an art.

Yes, for both men and women cultivating our ability to become multi-orgasmic is part of the fun of making love from a Tantric perspective. In Tantra, having an orgasm is more than just a physical release of energy from the genitals. It is a full-bodied state of ecstatic energy that runs throughout your entire body.

With proper training you can bring yourself into ecstatic states of bliss for unlimited amounts of time. In Tantra there are different types of orgasmic states. There are valley orgasms, peak orgasms, full-bodied energetic orgasms, extended and expanded orgasms.

The Valley Orgasm: A valley orgasm is one that is gradually built during lovemaking. To experience a valley orgasm, move and breathe during lovemaking, then rest and sustain. Then again move slowly gradually building your energy and then resting. During resting phases you and your partner eye gaze and allow yourself to merge with each other energetically. The valley orgasm never peaks but stays in a continuous state of building and resting until you decide to stop. This can sometimes feel like a wave-like energy and is generally full bodied.

Full Body Orgasm: A full-bodied orgasm can also be one that happens just from breathing up your sexual energy through your chakras and learning how to hold this energy and then release it. You can do this using several types of breathing exercises; the Energy Ecstasy Breath, Cobra Breath, Inner Flute and several others. You can learn to do this as a solo exercise and bring yourself into ecstatic states and have chakra orgasms or with a partner. Either way you are mostly using your breath to build your sexual energy. Sometimes you can also touch yourself or your partner but the focus is not on genital connection or touching.

The Peak Orgasm: The peak orgasm is what we are most familiar with. It is when we build our sexual energy through genital stimulation until you peak or climax. When you learn how to gradually build energy for your partner and guide them with their breath, varying your strokes while maintaining eye contact, you can learn how to sustain your orgasmic energy before you peak or climax. Even the peak orgasm can be extended out for longer periods of time.

Expanded Orgasm: “Expanded orgasm is a compelling, accessible process that you and your lover can use to enter a state of pleasurable expansion and flow of ecstatic energy.” Expanded Orgasm by Dr. Patti Taylor. This is a type of orgasm that is even more powerful than a climatic orgasm. It is, in one sense, an orgasm that is expanded in both time and space. To learn more about the Expanded Orgasm, I suggest you read, Expanded Orgasm, by Dr. Patti Taylor, an expert in this field. Has an article written by Patti, just go to articles and you will see her name.

Extended Orgasm: An extended orgasm is one where the receiver is using their breath to sustain the orgasm or extend it out. So rather than climaxing and having your energy drop, you continue to breathe while you are climaxing in such a way that you are actually re-circulating your sexual energy. I like to use my hands and actually move them in a circle from my genitals to my head over and over while I am breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. For me this will extend the actual orgasm and sometimes I can continue on like this for quite some time.

To really become an artful giver as well as an artful receiver in any of the above processes will take a commitment on both your parts to learn the techniques that are used to bring you and your partner into ecstatic states of bliss. Take a workshop or even see a private teacher or coach. There are many Tantra teachers here in the Bay Area to choose from.

Of course once you learn the techniques involved you must also practice. But that is the fun part. Imagine spending hours of delicious time in high states of arousal. What a wonderful way to spend your time. Once you have had a taste of what you have been missing you will surely appreciate the value of what being in expanded states of pleasure can do for you. Recent research has shown that you can heal old wounds and work through emotional issues while you are in an orgasmic state. It seems we can now choose how to work through our “stuff”, and I personally prefer being in a state of orgasmic pleasure. As my aunt Sadie used to say, “Try it you’ll like it.”

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