Top 5 Myths about Sex and Pregnancy You Must Know

Top 5 Myths about Sex and Pregnancy You Must Know

What is a Myth?

A myth is an idea or story that many people have been made to believe but is never true. Sex and pregnancy myths are therefore ideas that have been put out there by people regarding the two but they are not true. There are quite a number that have been noted. They include:

Top 5 Myths about Sex and Pregnancy You Must Know

1. Myths about the Baby’s Gender

  • Firstly, there is a myth that says that if a woman gets a lot of heart burns during pregnancy; her baby is bound to have a lot of hair. This is not true as heart burns are common during pregnancy because of the growth of the baby and expansion of the uterus. When these two take place, the acid from the stomach moves backwards to the esophagus and this is what causes a heart burn.
  • Some say that the more severe morning sickness is, the more likely it is to give birth to a girl. Research has shown that a large percentage of women who have severe morning sickness give birth to a girl. However, this does not rule out the fact that it is a myth.
  • Some say that the gender of a baby may be determined by the position during sex. The truth is that the gender of a baby is determined by the sperm and the chromosomal factors. The position of the intercourse has no connection whatsoever with the type of sperm that fertilizes the egg.

2. Myths about Getting Pregnant

  • A common myth states that jumping up and down after sex confuses the sperm and they fall out of the vagina. The truth is that this doesn’t really happen.
  • There is the myth that says that as long as the man pulls out before he ejaculates, there is no chance of the woman getting pregnant. The truth is that there are always fluids that is, seminal fluids that are released prior to ejaculation.
  • Also, there is another myth that claims that alcohol kills sperm and therefore a woman cannot get pregnant when taking alcohol. The truth is that neither taking drugs nor drinking will prevent pregnancy.

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3. Myths about Fetal Health

  • That if you raise your arms above your head while pregnant, the umbilical cord will be wrapped around the baby’s neck. The truth is that it is the baby’s activity in the womb that leads to the wrapping of the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.

4. Myths about Labor

  • Having sex will not cause premature labor as some people believe. No medical research has shown that having sex causes labor. There is some truth though because stimulation of the breasts can speed up the production of oxytocin which leads to contraction. Also, a woman who has had premature labor may be advised to stop sexual activity.
  • Some people claim that a woman can’t give birth to a big baby through normal birth and therefore she will have to undergo caesarean (c-section) or induced labor. The fact is that it is not possible to tell the size of the baby before birth. Putting one’s hand on the abdomen does not determine the size of the baby. Even ultrasound measurements do not give the exact size of the unborn baby. The weight of the baby has nothing to do with the baby fitting through the birth canal. Changes in hormones as well as molding of the baby’s bones is what determines whether the baby will fit through the pelvis as this molding is what changes the shape of the baby.

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5. Myths about Sex during Pregnancy

  • Some sources claim that pregnant women’s libidos always lower. In as much as it is true, it does not happen to all women as some women’s libidos are extremely high during pregnancy. Plenty of couples are able to maintain an active sex life even during pregnancy because the hormonal changes make some women to have a great desire for sex.
  • There is another myth told about sex during pregnancy. That sex is harmful to the baby and it will hurt the baby in the womb. The truth is sex is not harmful for your baby. The motion of having sexual intercourse during pregnancy will rock the baby to sleep. There is a thick mucus plug sealing the cervix that will prevent the man’s penis from coming into contact with the baby. Also, it is important to note that when the baby is more active a woman is more likely to get an orgasm.


There is another myth claiming that pregnant women cannot take baths, rather they can only take showers. The fact here is that baths do nothing to inconvenience the pregnant woman. In fact, a bath during pregnancy makes the woman feel better and relieves many aches and pains that come with pregnancy. Nonetheless, pregnant women should make sure that the water is not over heated.


Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss. Sexually active women as well as pregnant women should be particularly careful not to be misled by common myths.

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