Why more men suffer from erectile dysfunction after divorce

Why more men suffer from erectile dysfunction after divorce

After divorce many man are left in a state of confusion, often times leading them into a psychiatrists office looking for a quick fix to get past the emotional trauma, anger and depression of their loss. Anti-depressant medication is commonly prescribed but with it comes sexual side effects.

Why more men suffer from erectile dysfunction after divorce

Men often times find that their penis is not functioning the way it used to. They have the pressure to perform with a new partner, and may find it difficult to get an erection or sustain it. Then they try Viagra only to find out that in order for the pill to work for them, they have to get their penis erect and many times, they still can’t have an orgasm.

Here are the facts:

Going through a divorce is like going through a death, and the natural grieving process needs to take place, by taking an anti-depressant it only prolongs the grieving process and for many men causes sex related problems. Testosterone has similar affects as well as the numbing feeling but is less likely to cause a sexual problem, although it won’t fix one either. If you are truly going through a deep depression and thinking of taking your life, an anti-depressant is needed, anything other than that, it is best to naturally go through the grieving process.

Join a support group or therapy too talk about how to cope and get through the first 6 months, it is crucial. The next step is learning how to date again, don’t fall into the trap of finding the next women to replace your wife, that is just your brain telling you it needs that familiar routine again.

It takes a good 6 months for the brain itself to understand you are no longer married and adjust to the single life. When it comes to sex, don’t jump into the sack, with a woman just because you can, that is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to creating performance anxiety. The pressure for your penis to perform in a new situation. A few bad times in the sack and now you have created a problem for your penis.…Learning how to date again, as well as how to get past performance anxiety is one of the main issues that men have. Seeking the help of a clinical sexologist or qualified sex therapist can make the transition easier and help with the erectile dysfunction. They are trained to explain to you how to please a woman again, date again, and how to make your penis function like a champ, with no drugs, no performance anxiety and now you have the confidence to date again.

Always remember that it takes time to adjust after a divorce and stress for many men can add to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Knowing that once things settle and the body and mind can adjust to life again, then love is possible and with that can come some great intimate passionate mind blowing sex!

If this story sounds somewhat familiar in your life, leave a comment and tell us about your journey.

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