Lingam Massage: Facts And Benefits

Lingam Massage

Many may ask what is a gender massage. Gender massage is designed specifically for men and is part of the Tantric art. Tantra refers to linga as lingam, which means “stick of light” in Sanskrit. Gender Massage Sample of vulva massage: Both focus on the pelvic area.

The Recipient is in a relaxed position on his back. Sexual arousal is mostly caused by massage, but some part is relaxation. A variety of massage oils can be used; It is the choice of the recipient. Personally this tester prefers coconut oil. The oil remains solid until it touches the skin. It is slightly fragrant, natural and tasty.

A Series of gentle strokes to apply the oil initiates the session. You can get a massage from a partner or even find a professional who specializes in gender massage. Tantric massage is great information for temple massages.

Start by applying massage oil to your hands; Warm up a bit before starting at the inner thighs. Next apply firm but go to the testicle under gentle pressure. Pay attention to your partner queues to apply less or more pressure. After the massage the testicles go to the perineum. Find this small mark and use the downward stroke to stimulate the area.

Finally, as soon as you start massaging the massage oil with the massage oil and use the firm slow stroke to work on the head of the penis. Gently knead the dough from the base and stir up. Massage into the scalp using your fingers and apply gentle pressure gently. The purpose of repeated massage is not ejaculation. One or more orgasms without ejaculation occur in men using this method.

Benefits of Gender Massage

  • One of the primary benefits of massage is to gain better control over your sexual energy and your sex drive. If a therapist is helping you massage they will “stand up” or stay away when the recipient is near orgasm. The recipient will be able to prolong ejaculation after several sessions.
  • Solve sex related problems like premature ejaculation
  • Improves blood circulation for better erectile dysfunction.
  • Good control over internal energy.
  • Fight stress and depression.

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