Oscars Swag Bag: Women Reclaim Sexual Confidence With The O-Shot

The woes of female sexuality are no longer a subject so taboo that is it must be relinquished to very private conversations behind closed doors or never uttered at all. Along with higher salaries and a seat at the head of the boardroom, women are reclaiming their sexual confidence and commanding the pleasure they so deserve in the bedroom. However, embracing sexual health doesn’t come so easy for many women – childbirth, monthly hormonal fluctuations and symptoms of menopause are additional obstacles that, like mental or emotional anguish, can singe sexual function and impair the orgasm system.

While male sexual dysfunction occurs with aging as well, solutions to impairment have quickly made their way into the medical mainstream: Viagra, Cialis, Trimix, penile pumps and, most recently, testosterone therapy. But, what about the women?

Hormonal fluctuations can affect a woman at any age or stage in life, causing pain during sex, vaginal dryness and low libido. And, only a very small percentage of women – approximately 20 percent – even experience vaginal orgasms, leaving many women less satisfied with sex than their partners. Stats show that 43 percent of women in the U.S. suffer from sexual dysfunction, but researchers estimate this number is much higher – in the range of 60 percent – due to the number of cases that go unreported. Treatments have been experimental at best in recent years, and many have failed to address the needs of a majority of women. Until now.

The O-Shot is the revolutionary new solution to sexual dysfunction in women – and it’s not hard to guess what the “O” stands for.

Harper’s Bazzar calls it the “new treatment for the bedroom blues,” while on Good Morning America, one patient said of the treatment, “all I can say is, wow!”

The O-Shot is the brainchild of Vampire Facelift creator, Dr. Charles Runels, and uses the same technology – platelet rich plasma (PRP) – to rejuvenate the female orgasm system. The O-Shot has been shown to improve orgasm, treat vaginal dryness and improve sexual desire. Whether your sexual wellbeing is suffering a little or a lot, you can heal damaged tissue or embrace a whole new sexual experience that you never imagined possible.

The O-Shot is an organic, proprietary blend of ingredients, including PRP, sourced from your own blood. The entire procedure takes no more than 20 minutes in the doctor’s office, requires no down time and produces results within days.

The O-Shot will likely become the “it” procedure this year, not only because of its effectiveness, but because it is rumored to be the coveted gift in the Oscar Swag bags in 2014. Along with sweeping Academy Award nominations, top celebrities will also be experiencing fireworks in the bedroom.

In South Florida, you don’t have to travel far to embrace your sexual prowess. You can find the O-Shot in Fort Lauderdale at Doctors Studio, a sexual wellness practice, owned and operated by Dr. Lisbeth Roy, certified physician and top educator of PRP technology and treatments. Doctors Studio not only offers the O-Shot, but the Priapus Shot, as well – the male version of the effective treatment. Now, men and women, alike, can experience a radiant, new sex life at any age and any stage in life.

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