Top 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Sexual Activity

Sex not the only activity that feels good, but it is the best one. Sex is also good for you, more reasons are being discovered by science, that show how beneficial sexual activity is to health. There are clearly many advantages that come from having a healthy sex life. It makes everyone ask, why wouldn’t you want to have more sex? Just look what having sex can do for you.

  1. Sex Boosts Your Libido

This one seems obvious, but only has been verified in recent decades. Having more sex, boosts your libido. Having sex is what will actually cause you to have better sex. The sex gets better because of many factors, but mostly a repetition of sexual activity sets engrams within the brain. These alert your nervous system and hormones, when similar circumstance occur. Thus the behavior is rewarded by a health benefits of sex and all associated responses. A little strange, but also true.

  1. Helps Keep Your Immune System Stronger

Sexually active individuals have stronger immune systems. Sexually active people take less time off work and fewer sick days in general. People who have sex regularly, will have higher levels of defenses and immunities. A stronger immune system allows your body to fight against germs, viruses, and other types of intrusive illnesses. intruders. Researchers studying college students who had sex once or more weekly, also had higher levels of antibodies, in comparison with students having sex less.

  1. Improves Bladder Control For Women

This makes common sense, a strong pelvic floor is very important. It helps in avoiding incontinence, which actually impacts about 30 percent of women. Sexual intercourse exercises the pelvic region in dynamic ways, that no other activity does. Good sex that is done vigorously, it is like working out your pelvic floor muscles in double time. Whenever you have any full orgasmic release, this brings contractions within those pelvic muscles and strengthens them in the process. All this helps improve bladder control, especially in older women.

  1. Lowers Overall Blood Pressure Levels

A link between sex and blood pressure exists. Sex maybe a way of lowering blood pressure levels, or it might be any physical activity that causes this change. Another important study, not only suggests sex lowers blood pressure, but specifically intercourse and not masturbation. Sexual intercourse was found to lower systolic blood pressure levels. The most important and first number that is measured on any blood pressure test.

  1. Sex Can Be Counted As Exercise

Sex raises the human heart rate while working out a large number of the bodily muscles. In comparison to activities like watching television, sexual intercourse burns approximately 5 calories every minute. TV only uses 4 or less calories per minute. This means that even less vigorous sexual activity, can be counted as a form of exercise.

  1. Lowers Heart Attack Risk

A good sex life is healthy for the whole body, but it’s especially good for your heart. Besides increasing blood flow and getting people to breath deeply, it elevates your heart rate, while keeping estrogen and testosterone levels balanced. In men, having sex might actually lower risks of heart attacks. The findings are more conclusive with over weight men. However, some studies have shown that men who had sex twice or more weekly, were 50 percent less likely to die from heart disease.

  1. Sex Blocks Pain

Sex relieves stress and tension, but now we know that orgasms can actually block pain. This is because an orgasm releases hormones that cause an elevation of the pain threshold, all throughout the body. Vaginal stimulation in women can block chronic back, leg and muscular pain. Also genital masturbation can lessen the pain of womanly woes caused by menstrual cramps, arthritis, headaches and even migraines.


If having sex can actually improve your health, then it should be recommended for everyone. The time has come to become a more liberated society and rid ourselves of archaic sexual morals or taboos that still are being used to stereotype people today. Why not have a happier and healthier world, one where sex is part of feeling healthy. Let sex heal your life and body, just say yes.

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