Top Ten Sexual Fantasies For Men

Sex With A Stranger Sexual Fantasies For Men

Some studies show that 80% of men have sexual fantasies. Out here in the real world, I think most of us can agree that that number sits closer to 100%. Sexual fantasies are a normal, healthy part of sexual expression that can lead to increased communication, trust, intimacy and satisfaction within a relationship. If you are curious as to what your partner is fantasizing about, ask. If you aren’t comfortable approaching the topic, this list will give you some insight. In no particular order, here are the top ten male sexual fantasies:

  1. Men are visual creatures, there is no doubt about that. If they weren’t, the porn industry would have shuttered its doors a long time ago. Whether he wants to watch you pleasure yourself or he wants to peep on his sexy neighbor, he wants to watch.
  2. Sex with a stranger. Sometimes a guy wants to find a beautiful woman and sweep her off her feet. It’s a thrill, it’s unknown, it’s exciting. There is something powerful about the lure of raw sex appeal that make men want to sieze the day and live in the moment.
  3. The “Virgin”. In this day and age, it is rare to find a partner who has not engaged in intercourse, especially as we get older. While this may be true, most men still want to boldly go where no man has gone before.
  4. Threesome with another woman. Ask any man what his number one fantasy is, and most will reply “threesome”. And not just any threesome-he wants the two of you to invite another woman into your sexcapades. Nothing makes a man feel more manly than two women fawning all over his body. Plus the thought of you and another woman touching each other is a real engine revver.
  5. Role playing. Some guys have specific role playing fantasies-patient-nurse, cop-bad girl, teacher-student. No matter what the roles, he wants to see his lady looking sexy in a costume and doing naughty things.
  6. No strings sex. Some refer to this as the “prostitution fantasy” because it involves hot, dirty, nasty sex without fear of being judged or rebuked.
  7. A woman who is off limits. Nothing is hotter than bedding the woman who is unattainable. Whether it’s his boss, his neighbor or your best friend, he may be lusting for someone he can’t have for the simple reason he can’t have her.
  8. Erotic locations. Surprise! One would think women would fantasize about erotic locations more than men, but that’s not the case. When a man gets stuck in a rut, his mind tends to wander. When sex begins to feel more like a chore than something spontaneous, he may begin to dream of having sex someplace other than the bed.
  9. Getting caught in the act. There is something hot about having sex where an element of danger exists. Whether its doing the deed in your backyard where the neighbors might see or in the back row of a movie theater while others watch the big screen, the danger of being caught mid act is a huge turn-on.
  10. Dominatrix.While some men may fantasize about whips and chains, most just want their women to take control. There are times when he wants sex, but simply doesn’t want to have to initiate things. He could be stressed from a long day at work or tired from doing yard work all day. When this happens, he wants his lady to love to take charge and ensure both their pleasure.

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