Top Ten Sexual Fantasies For Women

Sexual Fantasies For Women Dominated By Her Man

If you think your woman never fantasizes about sex, you are wrong. Dead wrong. It is believed that 65% of women have sexual fantasies. Some researchers believe this number is too low and believe EVERY woman fantasizes at some point in her life. Whether it is the delivery driver she finds irresistible or the thought of getting dirty someplace forbidden, chances are high there is something that revs her engine up. So what do we think about? In no particular order, here are the top ten female sexual fantasies:

  1. Sex with a stranger. Where men tend to fantasize about someone they know, many women get swept away with the thought of the tall dark stranger who woos and ultimately beds her. Not all stranger fantasies involve a complete stranger, though. Policemen, firemen and delivery drivers are all popular lust objects for women. Hhmmm, must be the uniform.
  2. Dominating her man. While many women fantasize about a big, strong man taking her passionately, just as many daydream about being the aggressor and having her way with her man. This could be greeting him at the door after a long day of work wearing nothing but a smile. It could also mean tying him up and doing as she wishes with him.
  3. Force fantasies. Force fantasies are also looked at as rape fantasies by some. No woman actually wants to be raped, but many do fantasize about being thrown down on the bed or pushed up against a wall and ravaged. It’s all about the loss of control that is so hot about this fantasy.
  4. Being dominated by her man. At some point in a relationship, nearly every woman fantasizes about being totally dominated by her man. For us, it is the ultimate in femininity to be looked upon as so irresistible that our man must take us now, no matter what the consequences.
  5. Teacher/student. This fantasy can follow two different scenarios. You are the much older and wiser teacher who schools her in the ways of the sexual world or the tables are turned and she is the book smart seductress.
  6. Threesome with another man. Almost every woman has wondered-at least fleetingly-what it would be like to have two men at her beck and call.
  7. Threesome with another woman. Adding another woman to the mix may seem like a guy only fantasy, but many women think about it, too. There is something about the softness of another woman’s body that turns many women on.
  8. Voyeurism.This is another fantasy that seems male-centric that isn’t. Surprise! Women like to watch, too.
  9. Exhibitionism. Why do you think we buy push-up bras and high heels? It certainly isn’t because they are comfortable. It’s because we secretly hope you are looking and appreciating the effort. The same goes for exhibitionistic sex. When we take the risk to expose ourselves, we hope someone, somewhere is appreciating the view.
  10. Stripping. Every woman wants to feel that she is desirable and the stripping fantasy lets her live out her dream of being the sexiest woman on Earth, even if for just one song.

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