Wholeness Through Tantra With Psalm Isadora

Tantra and Tantric Sexual Practices and Rituals With A Partner

Going back now through the centuries, sex has ruled…allot. Lands have been divided over it, towns were conquered for it, lovers have ran off, lovers ran back, people have been burned and shackled, and beheaded…some would say love, but then let’s face the fact that not all of the acts were birthed of such a delicate nature. Many of these events have come from a very primal aspect within us, our primal sexual urges.

“Sexual energy is very mysterious – Birth, sex, and death – their all inevitable… and yet these are some of our biggest taboos…we don’t want to talk about dying, and we don’t want to talk about sex.” Psalm Isadora

Psalm Isadora, is Tantra teacher who I have had the pleasure to come into connection with and to interview her about her work, to share in this article, on this topic. This often avoided topic, and yet let’s face at current, earth space is struggling with sexual violence, adultery, and sexual repression, and it’s wreaking havoc in our world.

Psalm Isadora grew up on a Christian hippy commune in Southern California; she grew up in a very minimal lifestyle in a cabin with no electricity, or running water, a space lit by kerosene lamps. An extremely religious Psalm was dressed like Laura Engle’s from Little House and life seemed quite idealistic to her at the time.

The family moved off the commune when psalm was around the age of 10, secrets came to air, her reality was shattered, her faith was tested, and the time felt very heavy on Psalms shoulders.

She was forced with a quest…to figure out how it was all true, the sacred & the profane, and how the act of the god/goddess was behind all of it all.

Having ecstatic spiritual experiences and connections at a young age, she linked the sensation of pleasure with the sensation of experiencing spirituality.

In a quest to expand more and find herself Psalm has traveled extensively, to India and Istanbul, taking and studying under a Guru, linking herself to the Goddess that has been so often removed from Western Religion, and dropping a whole ton of dogma. Psalm realized that the first energy you need to understand is your sexuality – how can you have a complete system if you by pass the starting point of it all? I mean think about the region of our body where all life births forth….the first chakra, the male and female genital.

So how do you NOT address that energy or work with it and yet BE a human being? You really can’t. At present on earth the topic of sex is still very taboo, and people are very much so right brain left brain with little to no balance… what does that mean I asked? …eager to know more.

Psalm explained that the right brain is the Feminine side of the brain and the left brain is the Masculine side. “Tantra is a path of weaving your right brain and left brain. Right brain is feminine which is ecstasy, and universal oneness. Left brain is masculine which is like law and order, and survival. We have both of those qualities, and we have to learn to weave them” states Psalm in our interview.

So one part of our being just desires to be touched and feel good, with no worry, expanding ourselves to consciousness, that’s the Right Brain, feminine. Then the Left brain brings in the pieces of survival, how will this work for a long term relationship, etc., the Masculine. So can you see how we are oversexed, or undersexed, super released, crazy suppressing, and if we are not we are often acting out in some other really primal ways, our desires, but there has been very little high vibrational, purely spiritual sex happening here, or balance.

Women not standing in their sexual power, US not discussing sexual violence, or sexual topics, us attempting to heal our body “from the belly button up” as Psalm explained, all of these things are adding to this energy being misunderstood and abused now on earth.

But, there’s good news! Get excited, because we can heal all of this through Tantra. Which I am told is like an elevator straight to spirit, an express route to healing all aspects of self, and realigning yourself with the creative ebb and flow, our oneness with spirit. God, Jah, Jesus, by whatever path or name you want to call it, it’s all bliss.

“By activating pleasure, you can begin to rewire your nervous system. Tantra is an awakening through sensation. Cutting the mind off, and going through the body to rewire the nervous system. You can rewire trauma that way.” says Psalm

When you have trauma your left brain takes over and goes into the fear consciousness to survive, its life or death. So sensations we are having are not being felt. Our body is simply having an experience and our Left Brain is saying ok, this is “bad” or this is “good” instead of actually having that experience.

No matter how much you cry about it, talk about it, or write about it, etc. you can’t actually heal that blockage, or open that pathway unless you experience it, in this case sexually, since as we have learned ALL life starts from that core primal place. If you really want to become whole you have to integrate pieces of your sexuality through experiencing them.

Tantra is creating more energy, a larger power surge so your left brain can no longer control it, so that it gives into the truth that life is good and beautiful, and steps outside of the story and into the experience.

Across the lands we are hearing Love messages spread and shouted. We are hearing that this is a time of the Goddess, a time for the feminine energy to rise, etc. Well, the feminine energy IS pleasure, so we won’t get there by traveling a path of mind and thought, it’s only going to happen from a space of feeling, and experiencing, recreating and empowering yourself through touch, breathe, and connection, perhaps through Tantra.

Psalm Gathers together large groups of people for Women’s Tantra Circles, as well as Integrated Circles for Women and Men, has created a Non-Profit to empower women, and is currently writing and publishing her first two books, one about her life’s path, which she hopes will enrich the world through tales of her experience, and their own interrelation. Through not just the sweetest moments in life, but for also the bitter, and to finding out that the sacred & the profane are ONE, are source, and nothing was ever not perfect. As well as a book that is more practical in terms of Tantra techniques, and applications.

The time is now to heal friends! Get involved, link up with Psalm, attend a circle, maybe even join her in India…. be empowered. I can already tell you that through my own integration of this practice, that I am feeling more than ever before, opening up, speaking my truth, diving deeper, and really becoming empowered.

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