How to make your husband fall in love with you all over again

How to make your husband fall in love with you all over again

Learn how to get your husband to love you again no matter what your situation is. Getting your husband to fall in love with you all over again is easy once you have the right information.


Do you want to learn how to make your husband fall in love with you again? There comes a time in every marriage when women start to wonder if their husbands are still in love with them. When the marriage first starts things are fun, romantic, and passionate, but over time it seems as if the light that was once brightly shining on the marriage starts to dim a little bit. Both the wife and husband take turns falling in and out of love with each other as they start to go through the different stages of marriage. If you want to learn how to make your husband fall in love with you again, then there are a few things that you can do.

How to make your husband fall in love with you all over again

Phases of Marriage

To begin with, it is important to understand which phase of marriage the two of you are currently in. There are three main stages to focus on which we will call the endearment, adjustment stage, and commitment stages of marriage. A brief explanation of each phase will help you to get a better understanding of which one you are currently in.

  • Endearment Stage- This is the stage that every new marriage enters into. You put your husband before all other things and you let him know daily how amazing he is and how much you appreciate him. During this stage you are all over each other and cannot get enough of each other; however, it gets old quick and the stage comes to an end after only a brief period of time.
  • Adjustment Stage- This is the stage where a lot of marriages come to an abrupt end. You find out that your husband has some annoying habits that you never knew about, and you get tired of him leaving the toilet seat up. As a result of all of the “adjustments” that are taking place in this stage, a lot of arguing occurs. The couple starts to wonder if this is what they want to deal with for the rest of their lives and they start to drift apart a little bit. This is the most difficult of the three stages and is the one that lasts the longest, but if the couple makes it through this stage the rest of the marriage is a cake walk.
  • Commitment Stage– In this stage the wife and husband are fully committed to each other. They have decided to deal with the adjustments that needed to be made, and are determined to make the marriage work for the rest of their lives. This stage is a lot smoother and very few arguments take place, because both you and your husband have decided to live with each other’s imperfections and short comings and you both know how to choose your battles.

How to Make Your Husband Love You Again By Making Up

Most of the couples I have personally counseled who feel like their spouses are not in love with them anymore are in the adjustment stage. Most of the time they get through that stage with the help of the Magic of Making Up Course and couples therapy. From time to time a woman comes to me alone seeking counseling on how to get her husband to fall in love with her again. Once it has been determined which stage of marriage the couple is in, there are certain recommendations that I make depending on the reason she feels her husband is not in love with her anymore.

How to Get Your Husband to Love You Again Through Texting

For women who are savvy with technology, I teach them how to text the romance back into their marriages. Oftentimes, women feel that their husbands are not as romantic as they used to be and that is the reason they feel like their husbands do not love them anymore. When they start to learn how to text their husbands effectively they start noticing a huge romantic change in their marriage.

How to Make Your Husband Fall in Love With You Again By Understanding Him More

By talking to husbands I have found out that they often feel like their wives do not appreciate the things they do. By nature, men are doers. Think about it, from the beginning of time men have been leaving the cave, going out and killing something, and dragging it back to provide for their families. Granted, times have changed and there are plenty of women who leave the cave and go out and kill stuff now too, but men’s perspectives have not changed all that much and they want to know that their wives appreciate the things they do. Telling him and showing him that he is appreciated will go a long way to making your husband fall in love with you again.

Another reason husbands tell me they have fallen out of love with their wives is because they “nag” too much. As the marriage progresses a lot of wives forget how to simply talk to their husbands without “nagging” at them. When men feel like their wives are constantly on them about something they start to tune them out, and eventually they start to lose respect for the wives as well.

Put the Spark Back In Your Marriage

There are times when the problem has nothing to do with fighting, lack of appreciation, or too much nagging in the marriage. Sometimes the couple just needs to find a way to put the spark back into their marriage to reignite the flame that used to keep the fire going. Learning how to bring the spark back into a relationship can stir up a bundle of emotions in your husband and make him love you all over again.

Learning how to make your husband fall in love with you again is not very difficult once you follow all of the advice in this article. By taking the time to figure out which stage of marriage you are currently in, finding a good course to take to deal with the problems that are happening, and finding solutions to the problems in your marriage, you will be able to get your husband to fall in love with you all over again very easily.

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You will be on your way to having the marriage you have always dreamed of by taking the time to work on the different areas of your marriage. No matter which stage of marriage you are in, you can make it to the next one if you and your spouse are willing to work at it. Invest in making your husband love you again the way he used to and you will not be disappointed by the results.

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