Ways to Improve Sexual Performance

Ways to Improve Sexual Performance

What is Male Sexual Performance?

Male sexual performance refers to the ability of a man to keep her partner happy while at the same time enjoying a sexual act. It’s the ability to get in the right mindset to engage in sex whenever you or your partner has the urge. Several men struggle daily to go all night with their partners in bed but despite of almost every effort, it proves futile. If you experience the same, you are suffering from sexual performance anxiety. This could be triggered by a number of factors including stress, physical inactivity, lifestyle, diet, relationship wrangles, or underlying medical conditions.

Ways to Improve Sexual Performance

Importance of Sexual Performance

It’s a clear fact that was it not for sex you would not have been reading this. You won’t have possibly been alive in simpler terms. Naturally, every person gets the desire to engage in sex. In most cases, sexual performance marks the peak of intimacy in relationships. It’s through sex that new generations emerge. Other than the important role that sex plays in life, it also has many benefits such as creating fun moments, a form of physical exercise, brings satisfaction, relieves stress and tension, and generally improves our health.

Ways to Improve Sexual Performance

There are plenty of male enhancement products such as pills, drugs, Penile Implant and ointments which claim to boost your performance in bed affairs. However, there are some simpler ways to stay firmer and last longer without the need to see a doc or visit a drugstore. These include:

Stay Active

A sedentary lifestyle can give you many complications including sexual performance anxiety. By engaging on regular workouts, it is a good way to boost your cardiovascular health. Even though there is some form of exercise (calorie burning), staying active physically keeps your heart functioning well. Try a sweat-breaking exercise a day, like thirty minutes of brisk walk, running, jogging, or swimming, rock climbing, or dancing. This will enhance your libido and get you in the right mood for sexual engagement. On top of this, exercise will keep your weight in control and burn fats that can deter you from enjoying sex.

Foods (Onions & Garlic, Bananas, Chilies & Peppers, Eggs)

While combined with exercise, there are some types of food that increase blood flow to your penis. These include;

  • Onions and garlic: don’t get deterred by their smell, you can brush later. They are renowned for their roles in improving blood circulation.
  • Bananas: these sweet tasting fruits are rich in potassium which plays a major role in lowering your blood pressure. This is ideal for your reproductive organs and in boosting sexual performances.
  • Chilies and Peppers: these all natural spicy foods are essential for regulating blood flow and aids in cutting down inflammation and hypertension.
  • Eggs: they contain a number of vitamins B complex required to contain hormonal imbalances which can lead to erection problems.

Reduce Stress

Stress is unavoidable either at work, school, or home. It can mess all aspects of your life including desire for sex and libido. When you are stressed, your blood pressure increases. This can take toll of both your sexual desire and performance. Let out stress by engaging in a workout whenever it strikes. Don’t hesitate to share your stress with your partner or friends—they will assist the much they can. It is worth noting that while you are stressed, you are more inclined to negative habits such as smoking or alcoholism. Won’t these further worsen your sexual desire and performance?

Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol

Smoking and excessive alcoholism are common habits that most people resort to whenever they are tensed, anxious or stressed out. Studies indicate that, the two could lead to several sexual problems. Surprisingly, a little red wine can improve your sex drive and performance according to other studies.

Smoking on the other hand brings about several complications such as narrowing of blood vessels. This has been linked with impotence in a number of men. It is advisable to kick out the bad habits and replace them with positive ones such as exercise and healthy eating.

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Pay Attention to Your Partner

Stop being the typical man who engages in commercial sex for satisfaction without caring the feelings of his partner. Seek to understand her experiences during sexual engagements. This will help you in identifying areas for improvement to foster your sexual performances. Get in to a detailed conversation with your partner to ease any tension that could exist prior to engaging in sex. Keep changing the pace and focus on your partner during breaks to make sex more thrilling for both of you.

Consult Doctor

If you find out that your sexual performance could be hindered by an underlying medical condition, consult a professional. Diseases like sexual dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease can cause sexual performance problems but are treatable through prescribed medications. Be open with your health care provider to ensure you get the right feedback. The help required to improve your sexual performance could be just a talk away.

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