How to Increase Sexual Stamina to Last Long?


Sexual performance and the ability to satisfy the sexual partner is very important in men. Most men are worried about their sexual stamina at a particular stage of their lives. Men want to last as long as they want and have slow intimate sex without being rushed. The ability to be able to last for long during a sexual activity can be influenced by many factors. Most people suffer from inability to last long but they are too embarrassed to talk about it. There are different ways that can be used by a couple to increase the stamina in the man.


Sexual Stamina

Sexual stamina is the ability to last long while having a sexual intercourse. Most people suffer from early ejaculation and are not able to satisfy their partners and themselves. Many factors influence the sexual stamina. This includes the experience in sexual activity, age, exercise psychological factors and the diet that one takes. It is important for both parties to be prepared psychologically before having a sexual activity. Just like going for marathon, preparation determines the satisfaction level of both partners. It is important for one to engage in activities that promote the activity of the heart because this promotes blood circulation. When there is good circulation to the penis, one is able to achieve an erection and sustain it thus ensuring that sexual stamina is achieved.

Premature Ejaculation

This is when a man gets an uncontrolled ejaculation shortly after penetration or before penetration. This takes place with minimal stimulation and it happens before one wants to ejaculate. Premature ejaculation leaves both partners unsatisfied and it often increases anxiety. Men learn how to delay ejaculation as they gain experience in sexual activity. Many factors are likely to cause premature ejaculation. This includes psychological factors like guilt, depression, anxiety or lack of experience in the control of orgasm during sexual activity. Most men who have premature ejaculation suffer in silence because they feel embarrassed talking about the situation. This condition can be treated using drugs, sexual techniques and counseling that can help to improve sex for both partners.

Sexual Techniques

There are different sexual techniques that can be used to increase the sexual stamina. This includes thinking of something different during the sexual activity. This will help to delay the orgasm and ensure that both partners are satisfied.

It is also advisable to use a thicker and better protection. When a thicker condom is used, the sensation at the tip of the penis is reduced. This helps to delay orgasm. Thicker protection will also help to lower the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases because of their sturdiness and durability.

The partners are encouraged to take their time during a sexual activity and avoid rushing. Steady and slow movements allow a gradual stimulation to build thus increasing the sexual stamina. Changing of positions will also allow the erect penis to soften and increase the sexual stamina. The man is encouraged to change position when they anticipate a climax approaching. This will also give both partners a varied and an interesting sexual experience.

Pull It Out

This is one of the common methods used to increase the sexual stamina. This is where the man removes the penis before orgasm is reached. This requires the man to be psychologically aware of an impending sexual climax and avoid it by pulling the penis out. The woman is encouraged to corporate with the man and understand so that both parties can be satisfied. The erect penis softens after a few minutes and sexual activity can be resumed.

This method helps the woman to reach their orgasm because there is enough time for both to have pleasure. This method allows the orgasm to be delayed causing it to come with a higher intensity. The notion behind this technique is correct timing when the orgasm is anticipated.

How Male Enhancement Supplement can Increase Sexual Stamina?

Many supplements in the market can help to increase the sexual stamina. The male enhancement supplements are usually made from natural or synthetic ingredients. The supplements that are made from natural ingredients are usually safe and most people prefer to use them. Supplements act by increasing the activity of the heart. The heart works by providing oxygen to different organs in the body including the penis. When there is improvement in the activity of the heart, sexual stamina is increased. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s orders while taking supplements. This is because an overdose can cause the penis to enlarge permanently because the penis gets used to holding large volumes of blood. The example of natural male enhancement supplements like Virectin increases sexual stamina without any side effects.


The male stamina is influenced by different factors and it determines the result of the sexual performance for both partners. As one gains experience in sexual activity, they are able to control ejaculation in a better manner. Exercise and good eating habits also influence the sexual stamina because they promote the cardiac activity.


Best and worst foods for your sex life

There are a lot of things that can make sex better. One of them is no other than eating some foods that are proven aphrodisiacs in their own way. Some of these foods are good for increasing one’s mood and desire for sex. While on the flip side, there are some food, which will actually make one not want to even think about or have sex at all.

What are these foods? Read on.

Best Foods:

Almonds contain zinc, selenium, and Vitamin E. These are three ingredients that have been shown to be very important for sexual health and reproduction. Zinc is a mineral that does help produce mens sex hormones and to boost libido. Selenium is said to help with fertility issues.

Strawberries are very rich naturally in anti-oxidants which are great for good health. These anti-oxidants promote good circulation for both the heart and arteries. They are also very rich in Vitamin C, which is said to, boost the sperm count up in men.

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Avocados are a superfruit that is very rich naturally in Vitamin E, which does have lots of anti-oxidants, and these anti-oxidants are very good health properties for the body. They also have potassium and Vitamin B6, which are both very good for heart health, and to promote good blood flow.

Tomatoes are a great sex food that is all natural. They contain an ingredient called lycopene. Lycopene is very good and beneficial to a man’s prostate health overall. It is truly indeed a love fruit in every way.

Oysters are a very well known aphrodisiac. They are very high in zinc and zinc is what delivers. What does it deliver? It delivers a major increase in libido and testosterone. Maintaining good and strong testosterone levels for sex are important. This is because these levels do deliver when it comes to sexual vigor and stamina.

Chocolate is something that is not only sweet, but is good for everything. Not only will it satisfy your taste buds. It will also go all out to increase sexual stamina. Chocolate does contain natural flavanoids. These natural flavanoids are an anti-oxidant that does help to lessen the risk of heart disease. Chocolate pumps up the heart in a good way and a good heart rate is great for good sex.

Worst Foods:

It’s very true that meat does contain zinc and protein. However, on the flip side, it also contains things that are not so good for health. These things are all about saturated fats and cholesterol. Two bad things that can promote high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. These health conditions can affect blood circulation and sexual function.

It’s very true that a glass of wine can relax a person. This is something that cannot be denied. However, alcohol can be one of the worst things for a love life, in that it can dampen one’s sexual desire. It can also decrease arousal, sensitivity, and lower one’s inhibitions.

Any fatty foods:
Fatty foods are bad. A lot of fried and fast foods out there have tremendous levels of bad fats in them. These bad fats are no other than saturated and trans fats. These bad fats can affect your heart and blood flow. They can also cause diabetes type 2 in people. Type 2 diabetes can lead to having sexual problems in both men and women.

If you want your sex life to improve on all fronts. There are some foods that can definitely help and enhance the romance in a big way. However, there is also foods to avoid, if you don’t want the sex to be next to none or none at all. It’s truly amazing that what we can eat can influence this in a major way. So, with this said, only eat the foods that will make you feel sexier and want sex from your partner or significant other. You don’t want to eat foods that are bad for you in general. Stay away from the worst foods that have been included in this list. You will not only protect your sexual health, but also, your long term overall health too. This is why this article was put together to help with both sexual health and regular health for the future.

Source: ED Treatment India


Five foods that can boost your sex drive

Most are aware that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis can spark up your love life. However, the medications have side-effects such as headaches and they are expensive. I consulted with Dr. Muhammad A. Mirza, a board-certified internist who specializes in treating problems with sexual function. He noted that, in his clinical experience, healthy lifestyle choices regarding diet and exercise can have an effectiveness of 80% of what can be attained with erectile dysfunction drugs. The advantage of these foods is that they are free of side-effects and their cost is negligible because healthy foods are no more expensive—and may be cheaper—than junk foods. Dr. Mirza notes that these foods can benefit women as well as men because they can boost libido.

Five food recommendations from Dr. Mirza:

Eggs: Just another reason to make breakfast in bed for your special someone. Eggs are high in vitamins B6 and B5, which help balance out hormone levels and fight stress, two things that are imperitive to a healthy libido. For a quick fix, eat raw chicken eggs just prior to having sex. It will both increase your libido and increase your energy level. The only drawback of eggs is that they are high in cholesterol.

Garlic: Gross garlic breath is actually a good thing. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which increases blood flow to the sexual organs thus heightening the libido. If you really can’t stand garlic, try taking garlic capsules instead.

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries: Not only are these delicious when dipped in chocolate, but they are also loaded with vitamins C and E, which put your sex drive into gear. These fruits also have an added benefit of leaving your skin supple and sensitive.

Celery: Definitely not the most romantic vegetable, but celery can be a fantastic source food for sexual stimulation. Celery contains the hormone androsterone, which when eaten is released through male perspiration and turns women on. In addition, male hormones can boost the sex drive in both men and women.

Whole grains: Whole grains have been shown to increase testosterone levels, which ultimately boosts sex drive. So, what better reason do you need to listen to your doctor about eating more whole grains?

Dietary changes can also assist with erectile dysfunction. Men who eat a large amount of junk foods, harmful fats, and carbohydrates are very likely to suffer from sluggishness and erectile issues. Replacing these items with raw fruits, vegetables, and food high in B vitamins may work wonders in increasing energy and virility.

Increased exercise is another natural method that may assist a man with achieving and maintaining an erection. Cardiovascular activity not only increases the blood flow, but it also changes the levels of endorphins in the body. Once a person engages in cardiovascular activities for a period of 10-20 minutes, positive feelings and extra energy emerge. These feelings can last as long as 60 minutes, which is enough time for a man to take a shower and try to engage in sexual activities.

Ginkgo is an herb that manufacturers use to make certain medications. Experts have concluded that ginkgo causes arousal in both men and women by increasing their overall blood flow. A person who wishes to try the effects of ginkgo can find it in supplements at the local drug store. However, one should not use ginkgo if he has a condition that requires him to take blood thinners. This could cause an adverse reaction.

Ginseng is one of the leading remedies for erectile dysfunction. The best type of Ginseng to take for this condition is Korean red ginseng. Specialists performed a study in 2002 of 45 men who were taking ginseng to offset ED. The results of the study concluded that a majority of the men experienced better penile tip rigidity after beginning treatment. Specialists are not quite sure how the ginseng works, though they gather that it has something to do with nitric oxide synthesis.

Dr. Mizra takes a holistic approach to treating sexual problems as can be discerned from the above recommendations. He notes that, in addition to improving your sex life, these dietary and lifestyle choices can improve your overall health.