Premature Ejaculation – Delay Tips & Tricks For Men

Early Definition Of Time Premature Ejaculation (“PE”) is when a man ejaculates very quickly during sex. Delayed depth is scientifically called “Anorgasmia”. The causes and solutions for PE are still being investigated, but a health care professional is making advances… Continue Reading


Yoga Reduces High Blood Pressure

A downward dog or sun salutation may do more for you than keep you fit, it may reduce blood pressure. Yoga is becoming more than a way to exercise and find your inner zen. A systematic review of all published… Continue Reading


The Magic Lemon: Curb Your Appetite With This Tart Fruit

The Magic Lemon - Curb Your Appetite With This Tart Fruit

There are many, many products that claim to curb the appetite and fight cravings and some may work, most however, are not all natural. Many people want to lose weight and most can follow a sensible diet plan. Unfortunately, cravings… Continue Reading