Can Lots Of Sex Improve Your Health?

Can Lots Of Sex Improve Your Health

Men and women know that sex feels good, but many of them do not realize that sexual intercourse can also improve their overall health. It can relieve stress, improve moods, and sex can even help a woman to maintain better bladder control. While these health benefits are not an excuse to have sexual intercourse with everyone that a man sees, it does give him another reason to engage sexual activities.

While regular sexual acts can improve your overall sexual health, it is not a reason to over indulge. Just as intercourse can improve a man’s health to much can be detrimental to his health. Remember to practice everything in moderation, and to always use protection when having sexual intercourse.

Here are some of the ways sex can improve your health.

1. Improves your immune system.

Studies have shown that sexually active men have healthier immune systems. During sexual intercourse a certain chemical is released by the body which acts as an antibody against bacterial and viral infections. While sexual intercourse can give the immune system a boost, men still need to continue to live a healthy lifestyle to continue to have a strong defense against certain illnesses and diseases.

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2. Intercourse helps to boost sex drive.

It seems that there is something true in the old saying “use it or lose it”. Having sexual intercourse helps to improve blood flow to the reproductive organs while also helps to promote the increase in the production of testosterone. This male sex hormone helps to regulate the libido in both men and women, and higher levels help to increase sexual arousal and desire. In men, ejaculations can also help to clear out any toxins that might cause harm to the penis or other reproductive organs necessary for sexual intercourse.

3. Lowers blood pressure.

Sex increases blood flow to the penis and vaginal areas to prepare them for penetration. The increased blood flow and circulation can help to lower blood pressure, clear out small blockages in the veins, and lower a man’s risk of developing heart or kidney disease. This benefit seems to work equally well whether the orgasm was caused by manual or vaginal stimulation. For men, their risk of developing heart disease decreased by almost 50 percent just by having sexual intercourse twice a week.

4. Counts as exercise.

Sex not only helps to burn calories, an average of five calories every minute it also promotes heart health and exercises various muscles groups. While sexual intercourse won’t replace an aerobic workout, it can be a fun way to get some of your recommended weekly exercise.

5. Relieves some aches and pain.

Headaches, menstrual cramps, and even lower back aches can all be helped by having sexual intercourse. One of the best parts about this health benefit, is that it begins helping to relieve the pain even before an orgasm is experienced. Stimulating the penis or vaginal can cause the body to release a hormone that acts as a pain blocker. It is a natural way to relieve aches and pains due to sore or tired muscles.

6. Can lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a concern for almost all men, and research is supporting the claim that ejaculation can help to lower a man’s chance of developing it. One of the ways scientists think that this can work, is that when a man ejaculates certain harmful toxins are removed from the prostate. These toxins are thought to be one of the causes for cancer cells to develop on the organ.

7. Improve sleep patterns.

It is common knowledge that lack of sleep is not good for you, but sometimes it can be hard to settle down at night. Along with removing all distractions from the room, sexual intercourse can help to promote healthy sleep patterns. During an orgasm the brain releases certain chemicals that can cause euphoria and relaxation which can also help to promote the ability to sleep comfortably at night.


It seems that sex can improve someone’s physical and even psychological health, by releasing certain chemicals and hormones in the body. While this can help to improve a person’s overall health, no one should have sex for the sole purpose of obtaining the health benefits. The body needs to have the reaction you get during intercourse, in order for you to get all of the great heart and health benefits frequent orgasms can give.

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